Three methods of scrolling screenshots of web page interface


How to screen an open page when it is too long?

Method 1: Using the screenshot function of Windows system to intercept long web pages

Open a longer web page, such as Baidu experience home page, then press CTRL+M on the keyboard to save it as a web page picture. The effect is shown below.

Method 2: Use the screenshot function of browser

Nowadays, many browsers (such as Aoyou, Window of the World, 360, etc.) have their own functions of intercepting web pages into pictures.

Click on the menu and choose to save the page as a picture.

Method 3: Use software to intercept long web pages

There is a very good screenshot software fastone capture, except that the name is in English and the Chinese version is available on the Internet.

Open the software, click “Capture Scroll Window”, then click on the page you need to intercept, scroll the page to the bottom with the mouse, and then click again, the software will automatically save the page as a picture, the effect is shown below.

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