Three dimensions of e-commerce industry data report research


Nowadays, there are more and more industries with words such as data and reports, and e-commerce is one of the representatives. This phenomenon also reflects the continuous upgrading and development of enterprises’ understanding and attention to the value of data. Indeed, data analysis has gradually become an indispensable work in the daily operation and management activities of enterprises. Let’s learn about e-commerce todayData reportHow is the research carried out~

For the data report research of e-commerce, this paper will analyze it from three dimensions: company, department and individual.

Three dimensions of e-commerce industry data report research

1、 Company dimension

The company dimension, that is, the management dimension, is the most core data in the data report, and it is also the most clear content that should be investigated. The following will start with the three financial statements.

1. Three financial statements

① Balance sheet

The balance sheet, that is, the statement of financial position, shows the company’s assets, liabilities and owner’s equity. To realize automatic generation, corresponding data is required. Both the calculation rules of the report itself and the corresponding functions of the data should be considered.

② Income statement

The income statement, also known as the income statement, shows the operating results of the company in the past period, including all income and expenditure in that period. What we need to consider here is what functions can be used to generate these two parts of the data source.

③ Cash flow statement

The cash flow statement reflects the cash changes within a certain time range, including the control, revenue, use and capital security analysis of all funds of the company.

The three financial statements mentioned above must be mentioned here. Smartbi, a smart software, not only supports drilling and correlation analysis within and between pages, but also has visual configuration. The design process is also visual. Through simple mouse dragging, you can easily complete the preparation of data sets and the production of dashboards. Its visual display is very rich, Can easily make Bi kanban.

Three dimensions of e-commerce industry data report research

2、 Department dimension

The Department dimension mainly focuses on the key data of each department at the company level and the data within the Department. Here are some common examples.

1. Inventory data report

Inventory data report is one of the data reports that e-commerce companies attach great importance to. It is generally provided by the warehousing or financial department. The company also pays attention to the current inventory situation, warehouse inventory of each platform, stock age structure, proportion of inventory funds, etc.

2. Promotion benefit data report

The promotion benefit data report is mainly used to show the comparison of promotion input and output in a certain period of time in the past. It is generally output by the operation or marketing department.

3. Supply chain data report

The data source of the supply chain data report here is the supply chain department, such as stock accuracy, purchase cost analysis, cost reduction analysis, etc.

4. Support department data report

Support departments include business, human resources, administration and technology, such as personnel turnover rate and recruitment achievement rate of human resources department.

3、 Personal dimension

The data report of the personal dimension will be more professional, and it is also the most detailed dimension. It is mainly divided into two directions: personal inheritance of company or department data in finer dimensions and pure personal position assessment data.

1. Individuals inherit company or department data in a finer dimension

For example, in the income statement, the company will have overall dimensions and dimensions accurate to each platform, site and series.

2. Pure personal position assessment data

Data reports will be output for purely personal post assessment data, such as the completion of individual follow-up projects and the processing quantity of requirements.

The above is the content sharing of the three dimensions of e-commerce industry data report research. I hope the content shared today can bring you some help.

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