Three dimensional visual digital energy system helps the smart park to manage energy efficiently


With the popularity of 5g and the new infrastructure policy, the construction of smart park has become a hot demand for urban management. The core of smart park construction is 3D visualization platform, which can improve the intelligent and intelligent management service level of enterprise park.
In order to meet the needs of smart park construction, a three-dimensional visual digital energy system is built through thingjs. Through digital twin technology, combined with three-dimensional visual presentation ability, assist the park to improve the energy management system, optimize the energy management mode and mechanism, and comprehensively improve the energy consumption efficiency and energy supply service level of the park. It integrates the resources of various key links in the park, integrates the control scene interfaces such as energy, alarm and monitoring, makes the systems interconnected, shared and intelligent, realizes multi information collaborative linkage, and provides a strong guarantee for the safety management and comprehensive control of energy in the park.
First, let’s talk about the following problems in the traditional park operation and maintenance mode:
1. Control is not coordinated
The enterprise’s energy system construction and management are lack of coordination, equipment redundancy, lack of professional management, surplus energy can not be fully utilized, and the control and utilization rate of energy is low.
2. Assets not visible
Concealed works such as equipment assets and pipelines are managed in the form of traditional information system, which is not intuitive and difficult to maintain and transform.
3. Alarm not centralized
There are many monitoring systems of traditional energy platforms, with flat interfaces and multiple levels. At the same time, the alarm monitoring information is not intuitive, and it is difficult to locate and analyze across disciplines.

Advantages of 3D visualization digital energy system

Digital twin enabling smart Park
Based on the digital twin, carry out the construction of the smart Park, digitally model various management objects in the park, such as environment, people, things and equipment, integrate various business systems in the park, realize the integration and sharing of various data, and realize the global perception and mirror reproduction of the real world.
In the digital twin world, build intelligent park applications that can see everything, so as to realize comprehensive monitoring, orderly management and intelligent control. The enabling smart park is visible, manageable and controllable.
Three dimensional visual digital energy system helps the smart park to manage energy efficiently
Device visualization
Based on the simulation technology of three-dimensional virtual space, the 3D simulation technology can intuitively display the location distribution of buildings, power supply equipment, power supply pipelines, water supply pipelines and HVAC pipelines in the comprehensive energy park. Through the unified application integration ability, integrate the data of various business systems, and provide intuitive, convenient and overall basic support capabilities for upper layer applications.
Three dimensional visual digital energy system helps the smart park to manage energy efficiently
Alarm monitoring visualization
Build an integrated monitoring platform, summarize the monitoring information of different energy consumption types, different energy consumption equipment and different energy consumption events, and integrate a variety of monitoring data to achieve unified management.
It is linked with the alarm information of the event. After centralized and standardized processing of the scattered data, it provides a unified alarm to assist the operation and maintenance management personnel to respond and solve problems more quickly, so as to maximize the value of the data.
Three dimensional visual digital energy system helps the smart park to manage energy efficiently
Visualization of energy services
Through the deployment of enterprise energy consumption equipment acquisition (control) terminals, and with the help of technologies such as big data analysis, machine learning and algorithm engine, intelligent analysis and component-based management services for various scenarios are provided.
Realize holographic perception of equipment status of industrial enterprises and energy systems in the park, implement energy monitoring, energy consumption analysis and load forecasting, improve power supply efficiency of enterprises and parks, and promote coordinated balance between terminal load and power grid functional capacity.
Three dimensional visual digital energy system helps the smart park to manage energy efficiently
In the epidemic prevention scene of the park, digital means can also help the park do a good job in the timely detection and monitoring of people in and out of the park with abnormal body temperature. Once diagnosed, it can accurately carry out the hierarchical tracing of close contacts, and provide comprehensive protection for the health of people in and out of the park in the current stage of repeated epidemic.