Those mirror websites you can use


Some foreign websites are often hard to open or slow, so there are proxy image websites. Recommend several common image websites. You may be able to use them.


Google image is a proxy to visit Google’s website, such as Since Google was used, the search efficiency has been much faster. I suggest you take a look at my previous summary of the search tricks you may not know, but the image can only be used, and you can’t log in to Google account.

Google Scholar Search for 5g results

Compare Google academic results…


Wikipedia is the Chinese version of the world wide web, but the data is not official https://zh.wikipedia-mirror.o… :%E9%A6%96%E9%A1%B5

Wikipedia also provides data downloads…


GitHub sometimes clones are slow, if you have a proxy IP you canalias gg='http_proxy= https_proxy=', and then gg git clone xxx

GitHub image website has

Google store… As for the practical Chrome extension artifact written before, you can use the image store to download the CRX file and install it manually, but some extensions may not be synchronized in time.


Recently, Li Ziqi is very popular. Take a look at her video in tubing, but this website doesn’t support Chinese search.


People who do scientific research need it

In addition, we recommend a Chrome extension for SCI hub one click full-text download. The address is…

npm This is a complete image of You can use it instead of the official version (read-only). Currently, the synchronization frequency is once every 10 minutes to ensure the synchronization with the official service as much as possible.
npm config set registry ""

golang doesn’t open. You can use it… :// 。

Command line agents have Command line executionexport GOPROXY=

composer Chinese image
Alicloud composer full image…

You can use prestissimo composer global require hirak/prestissimoTo manage the composer image.


Tsinghua University open source software mirror station https://mirror.tuna.tsinghua….
usepip install -i some-packageInstall Python package

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