This open source mall is really commercial!


Hello everyone, I’m a heartbroken editor for the majority of programmers. I recommend a small tool / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a little skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency, and achieve the goal of not working overtime, not staying up late and not losing your hair!

Today editorial recommendation is shopping mall, lightweight, high-performance, front end separation business system, supporting WeChat applet + H5+ official account + APP, front and rear source 100% open source, see and get the perfect support for the two development, allowing you to quickly build personalized independent mall. Technical architecture: php7.2 + thinkphp6.0 + uni app + ant design Vue, focusing on light, sustainable and stable high availability system, learning and commercial.

Open source agreement

Using apache-2.0 open source license agreement

  • Allow individual learning and research use, support secondary development, and allow commercial use (self operation only).
  • Commercial use is allowed, but only for self operation. If the commercial use must keep the copyright information, we hope to abide by it consciously.
  • It is not allowed to redistribute or sell the program code in any form or for any purpose, otherwise the infringer will be investigated for legal liability.

Link address

Official account [Github navigation station] reply key words [firefly] get git address

Technical features

  • Complete separation of front end and back end (independent of each other, high development efficiency)
  • Adopt php7.2 (strong type strict mode)
  • Thinkphp6.0.5 (lightweight PHP development framework)
  • Uni app (front end framework for developing cross platform applications)
  • Ant Design Vue
  • RBAC (role based access control management)
  • The project volume of deployment and operation is only over 30 MB (real lightweight)

Environmental requirements

  • CentOS 7.0+
  • Nginx 1.10+
  • PHP 7.1+
  • MySQL 5.6+

Page display

This open source mall is really commercial!
This open source mall is really commercial!
This open source mall is really commercial!
This open source mall is really commercial!
This open source mall is really commercial!


   this issue is to share here, I’m Xiaobian nanfengfeng, focusing on sharing interesting, novel and practical open source projects, developer tools and learning resources! I hope to learn and communicate with you all. Welcome to my official account.[GitHub navigation station]

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