This article introduces you to quick Bi, the preferred product for cloud data analysis in enterprises


Introduction:Alibaba cloud quick bi was selected again and continues to be the only Chinese enterprise selected in the Magic Quadrant in this field. This article will introduce in detail the core capabilities of quick Bi, the preferred product for cloud data analysis.

Recently, Gartner, an international authoritative analysis agency, released the report on the magic quadrant of business intelligence and analysis platform in 2021. Alibaba cloud quick bi was selected again and continues to be the only Chinese enterprise selected in the Magic Quadrant in this field. Gartner ABI’s Magic Quadrant selection criteria are comprehensive and rigorous. Gartner will score around the capabilities of manufacturers in all dimensions, and include manufacturers with priority performance into the magic quadrant.

In order to give you a more comprehensive understanding of quick Bi, we will start with.

Quick Bi is an intelligent data analysis and visualization Bi product tailored for users on the cloud, which helps enterprises quickly complete the transformation from traditional data analysis to data cloud + analysis cloud, and push the enterprise’s business data to each organization for consumption as soon as possible.

1. Incubated from Alibaba cloud

Bi is an important data analysis tool within Alibaba. It is applied in all aspects of the work of front-line sophomores and management. Bi tool is the basis of data operation and data decision-making.

Quick Bi has learned from Alibaba’s internal Bi design and application experience. After product incubation, it provides services to external enterprises through Alibaba cloud. In the process of transition from the era of IOE to the era of distributed data storage and computing, Alibaba found that Bi tools in the market could not meet the needs of large amount of data computing and rapid analysis, and the ability of a single tool was relatively single, which could not meet various complex and changeable scenarios. At that time, Alibaba’s demand for various businesses exploded, and it urgently needed a data retrieval tool that could be used even by personnel without data development and analysis background.

So I decided to develop a set of data retrieval tools on the distributed data storage framework.

After a period of time, various data analysis tools for different Bu’s in the internal bloom, some for complex tables, some for rapid report making, and some can only build mobile end reports.

After landing on the moon (all Alibaba’s internal data were migrated to ODPs), Alibaba launched Alibaba’s internal unified cloud Bi analysis tool, which continues to evolve within the group until it can not only play a role in the decision-making analysis of each business line, but also build thematic data analysis products in line with e-commerce marketing and business operations. It can also directly serve front-line employees in technology, operation, product and other roles to quickly connect data and generate reports. Finally, it developed into a powerful Bi platform for 100000 employees.

In addition to paying attention to internal employees, when serving businesses of Taobao and tmall, it was found that data, as the basic resource of the enterprise, was not well consumed and used. Since 2017, quick Bi, a more universal industry-wide basic data analysis tool, has begun to provide SaaS services to customers on the cloud. Now, in addition to the public cloud, it also provides Bi services to non Alibaba cloud customers in the form of agile private cloud, standard private cloud and independent deployment.

2. Joint data analysis capability

Quick Bi does not move internal BI products to the cloud intact. Internal products suitable for large Internet companies are not necessarily suitable for a wide range of Alibaba cloud customers.

At the beginning, quick bi was positioned to help customers analyze the data they stored on Alibaba cloud, so it made comprehensive access according to the type of Alibaba cloud data storage.

For enterprises whose businesses are built on Alibaba cloud, data will be stored in various cloud databases and storage. Alibaba cloud provides a variety of options to help large enterprises conduct batch and streaming data processing. The processed results will also be stored on Alibaba cloud, such as maxcompute, RDS, ADB, HBase or holograms. Different types of storage provide Storage and computing power of tens of billions and more.

In reality, some customers are still migrating to the cloud or are in hybrid deployment. Some of their data is stored locally, which requires joint analysis of local and cloud data. Quick Bi provides strong ability to jointly analyze heterogeneous data through its own query engine and cooperation with Alibaba cloud data Lake Analytics products.

3. How to use quick Bi to build data analysis system

For most data centers that actively initiate or uniformly plan, the data analysis system or report system is generally established from disorder to order, or from order to disorder and then to order.

First, the IT team or data analyst establishes a business oriented report system based on their understanding of the business. This fixed report system can only meet the needs of some businesses, and temporary reports need to be configured for other needs. With the change of business, more and more reports need to go online and offline. The original unified and fixed report system has become more and more chaotic. At this time, it needs to be reconstructed.

The data analysis system established by benign evolution generally includes decision analysis, business thematic analysis and temporary statements. Decision analysis and business thematic analysis usually use fixed data products to form a report system, which is maintained by a professional data team, which can maintain long-term stability. Temporary reports can be created and die out temporarily with business changes. When the business is stable, the corresponding temporary reports will precipitate into the fixed report system.

Quick Bi, which has the ability to solve complex scenarios, provides a variety of data analysis capabilities, including dashboard, spreadsheet, self-service analysis, large screen, self-service data retrieval, etc.

    • Dashboard can create reports or data products with clear analysis ideas and certain data logic;
    • Spreadsheets are suitable for scenes with complex styles and even cell level adjustments, such as reports submitted by banks and reports summarized level by level by government units. They can be easily configured as long as they are familiar with Excel and do not need to be able to write SQL;
    • Self service analysis is suitable for analyzing large and wide tables with many dimensions and indicators. The data team constructs and ensures the output of large and wide tables. Business personnel can combine different dimensions and indicators at any time according to business needs. They can locate the causes of data fluctuations or summarize data in groups. These analyses do not need to be solidified, i.e. analysis and go;
    • In other scenarios, a large amount of data needs to be exported for subsequent analysis or imported into other systems, such as user list and order details, which are often tens of millions. At this time, self-service data retrieval can be easily completed.

Big picture of quick Bi’s latest products

Data analysis and visualization results can be used in a variety of channels. It can be accessed not only in the PC browser, but also through the mobile terminal in the mobile environment (the visualization effect automatically adapts to the mobile screen). For factory, meeting room, activity site and other occasions, it can also be projected to the TV screen.

Whether through export, sharing or subscription, when the data changes or fluctuates, it will be actively pushed to the people who pay attention to this group of data. When enterprises use nailing or enterprise wechat, quick Bi can be well integrated with them to improve the efficiency of viewing and analyzing data in business communication. Quick Bi can actively send messages to groups or individual users, or send information in the form of system notification.

The nail group can even set up intelligent robots. Group members can query quick Bi robots to find data and reports.

4. Quick Bi’s data visualization capabilities

Visualization is the core capability of BI products. Quick Bi believes that data visualization should be upgraded from simple data presentation to rapid data analysis, and the 0 code interactive visualization operation panel can significantly improve the efficiency of data analysis.

In addition to quickly discovering the association and composition of data through interactive operations (drilling, linkage and jump), quick Bi further provides a new way of rapid insight. The new indicator disassembly chart can help users customize the indicators and dimensions of analysis. Users can adjust the dimensions and disassembly order of analysis at any time, and can quickly locate the influencing factors in case of fluctuations and abnormalities in indicators.

5. Business consultant self service analysis

The business staff self-service analysis function is launched for sellers who open stores on the group’s e-commerce platform. Quick Bi and business staff jointly create a business staff self-service analysis module. On the same day, when the sellers of cat and Taobao used the business consultant for store data operation, when the existing reports could not meet the needs, they could conduct self-service analysis on the data in the business consultant in the form of 0 code by dragging. Previously, sellers could only check dimensions and indicators, select time periods, and download data locally for analysis. Now, the analysis can be completed online, and the completed dashboard page can also be saved in the business consultant. At present, nearly 2000 stores have benefited from this.

6. Nail nail

In early 2021, quick Bi worked with nail team. Launch the “intelligent report” Application in the nail application market to help millions of enterprises on the nail analyze the task, form, process and other data generated in the nail, and support the fusion analysis of the data generated in the nail and the enterprise’s own business data.

Product details:

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