Third party software g6ftp rights



1. Download configuration file takeadministrator

2. make use ofLCX port forwarding only allows local connection by default

3.lcx.exe -tran 8027 8021

4. Use client to log in as administrator user

5. Create users and set permissions and execute batch files

6. Upload batch processing

7. Create normal user loginftp

8. Execution of orders quote site x.bat

9. X.bat – add system user rights

Open the configuration file remote.ini copy password and crack it with cmd5

Install G6Ftp

Find a directory that can read and write, upload a cmd.exe and LCX port forwarding tool

Lcx.exe – tran 8027 8021 port mapping

Find a readable and writable directory to upload batch processing

Add normal user put batch file into rename batch file x


FTP connection FTP IP

Executive order

quote site x