Third party libraries commonly used by IOS swift


All developers know that don’t build wheels repeatedly. To improve work efficiency, many people have built wheels, which are easy to use and have few bugs. This article is to sort out the third-party libraries that can be used well. I hope it can help you, help yourself and update them slowly. If there are useful libraries, please leave a message in the comments and add them slowly

  • SMS verification code

usemob_smssdkSend the verification code and claim that it is permanently free and has no use restrictions. It feels very good to use. It doesn’t cost money anyway. The only roast has an official name, and it is almost impossible for individual users to customize the template. If the number of users is large, don’t use it. Spend some money on a formal one.

  • On some icon cut graphs

If there is no art and design, where can I get good-looking pictures? The direct thought is to decompress other people’s IPA and obtain some resources (it’s too obvious and not good-looking). I use Alibaba vector icon library, there are abundant resources here. Some basic icons can be used directly.

Network request framework, the library that app must reference

Other parsing:


struct Login: Encodable {
    let email: String
    let password: String

let login = Login(email: "[email protected]", password: "testPassword")

           method: .post,
           parameters: login,
           encoder: JSONParameterEncoder.default).response { response in

Open the controller and router route in a linked way


Navigator.present("myapp://post/54321", wrap: UINavigationController.self)"myapp://alert?title=Hello&message=World")

Other parsing:

Handyjson is a JSON serialization / deserialization library used in swift language. Must use
Deserialization 👇🏻

class BasicTypes: HandyJSON {
    var int: Int = 2
    var doubleOptional: Double?
    var stringImplicitlyUnwrapped: String!

    required init() {}

let jsonString = "{\"doubleOptional\":1.1,\"stringImplicitlyUnwrapped\":\"hello\",\"int\":1}"
if let object = BasicTypes.deserialize(from: jsonString) {

Serialization 👇🏻

let object = BasicTypes() = 1
object.doubleOptional = 1.1
object.stringImplicitlyUnwrapped = “hello"

print(object.toJSON()!) // serialize to dictionary
print(object.toJSONString()!) // serialize to JSON string
print(object.toJSONString(prettyPrint: true)!) // serialize to pretty JSON string
  • ObjectMapper -swift

JSON to model, model to JSON, required

let user = User(JSONString: JSONString)
let JSONString = user.toJSONString(prettyPrint: true)

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