Thinkphp5 & 5.1 example of generating, using and clicking refresh function of verification code


This paper describes the generation, use and click refresh of verification code in thinkphp5 & 5.1. Share with you for your reference, as follows:

Verification code is now a necessary element in many links such as user login and payment. Thinkphp5 & 5.1 provides us with the generation method of verification code, which is also very simple. Write a complete method of verification code here for your reference.

The foreground user needs authentication code to log in. First, use composer to install the think captcha Expansion Pack:

composer require topthink/think-captcha

Where the verification code needs to be displayed:

 < th > please enter the verification code: < / th >
  <input type="text" name="captcha"/>
  < img SRC = "{: URL ('index / login / verify ')}" ALT = "verification code loading" / >

Where verify is the method of generating verification code:

public function verify()
  $config =  [
    //Verification code font size
    'fontSize'  =>  15,
    //Verification code number
    'length'   =>  3,
    //Close verification code clutter
    'useNoise'  =>  false,
  $captcha = new \think\captcha\Captcha($config);
  return $captcha->entry();

Where $config is the configuration item of verification code. Please refer to the manual for specific configuration contents.

Use ajax or jQuery validate to verify the verification code, or submit it for verification later:

public function checkcapcha()
  $captcha = new \think\captcha\Captcha();
  if( !$captcha->check(input('post.captcha')))
   return false;
    return true;

In order to refresh the click verification code, you need to write JS code:

$("#captcha").click(function(event) {
  this.src = "{:url('index/login/verify')}?"+Math.random();

In this way, the verification function of the verification code is realized. Is it very simple?

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I hope this article will be helpful to your PHP Programming Based on ThinkPHP framework.

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