Thingjs: walking on the crest of the 3D era, you are cool


With the development of computer graphics, 3D animation has finally become a reality. Now there is an urgent demand for data visualization of the Internet of things, and 3D commercial projects have become a hot cake. Thingjs has been pushed to the forefront of the times.

Thingjs: walking on the crest of the 3D era, you are cool

Youyi technology used to do 3D data center visualization of it. It has been doing this product for many years and has accumulated the reputation of many large customers. Later, it began to involve 2D architecture visualization, IOT visualization PAAS platform and today’s digital twin visualization operation platform. The product developed from an entry point to a system, from point to area and from shallow to deep, Establish a digital twin product system in line with the new infrastructure era and become the leader among them.

The product has become more and thicker with the naked eye, but our original intention remains the same. We just do better.One of the biggest features of Youyi technology is “only slow but not broken”. We only do what is suitable for us and do it well. Eight years later, we are more and more familiar with this thing, that is, gather operation and maintenance big data, build virtual images and holographic maps of real digital infrastructure, and become the core platform for everyone to recognize and manage the digital world.

We all talk big, but when we do things, we care about the devil’s details very much. Especially for a start-up company, you can’t do everything. Instead, you should focus on resources, control ambition, be small and beautiful, and ensure that you can survive and develop.

Our design concept is that under the packaging of a platform level large product, it is composed of one subdivided product after another, including thingjs, a visual PAAS development platform for the Internet of things. It is mainly used by developers, but it is not limited to an isolated group. It requires scene construction and data collection of Internet of things devices, Finally, project value is generated through project deployment,Therefore, thingjs is first of all an open product, which can be enabled externally in the form of API.

As for the expectation of the future world, from the perspective of the world itself, it will certainly be a digital world with interconnected and intelligent everything. What we strive to do is to make the world more humanized and better through our own efforts. Therefore, we are all small members. If we do our best, we will succeed.

All your wealth is inseparable from the product itself. Therefore, although our products are a large family, they are always heart to heart. For example, thingjs 3D development platform has its own star temperament. We all hope that each product also has its own openness, can echo and empower each other with excellent products in the industry, and finally transfer the excellent concept of Youyi further.

As the saying goes, the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead. 2D may not disappear, but it is not as intuitive and cool as 3D. New things are always possible. Thingjs chose a path of indomitable progress.