Thingjs: the choice of 100000 + enterprise users is easy to use!


How to seamlessly connect the sense of design with the sense of logic? The template is used to build map scenes, and the configured 3D scenes can be converted into JavaScript code with one click. Based on this, thingjs creates a unique online tool experience.

ThingJSCitybuilder provides a tool for building urban scenes, which can automatically build 3D city maps. We don’t need to use tools such as 3ds Max to make models. Otherwise, the project development complexity will be much higher. A good news is that thingjs provides a citybuilder building tool. Users can generate the corresponding 3D smart city scene according to the geojson data as long as they upload it!

ThingJSCitybuilder, an online development tool, can not only generate the city model of the selected area with one click, but also generate the city model of the corresponding area according to the uploaded GIS data (geojson format file)! Open the online development interface and click a small earth icon on the right above the editor to enter the thingjs online development tool citybuilder.

Thingjs: the choice of 100000 + enterprise users is easy to use!

How thingjs generates 3D cities with one click

In other words, how to choose the city you want to build? How to choose a beautiful template? How to generate urban scenes with corresponding data? There is no data, but you need to operate on these data, OK? The implementation steps of thingjs are very simple.

Enter thingjsOnline development, find the entrance of the one click 3D city. The specific location was also mentioned earlier. First, enter the map / city project name, select a one click city in the new map window, select the city range or enter the city name, such as Shanghai, select the 3D City template with appropriate color matching, click to enter the editing status, and the initial template is successfully generated.

Thingjs: the choice of 100000 + enterprise users is easy to use!

Thingjs: the choice of 100000 + enterprise users is easy to use!

It can be said that the previous operation is just a little bit. Such a 3D city or 3D map is displayed. We can carry out the next operation according to the displayed 3D City, whether to replace the model or control the perspective, or add charts to display the corresponding data, or click to display the name of the corresponding building, You can also pop up the real-time data of the corresponding building in more detail, such as the number of people, the temperature and humidity of the current floor, etc., which can be quickly produced through thingjs!

Upload geojson data to generate 3D City Map

The citybuilder construction tool based on the webgl visualization platform thingjs can select the corresponding area to generate the model, and a variety of exquisite templates can be selected. As shown in the figure, citybuilder can not only input the corresponding area and select the template, but also upload our own GIS data.

On thingjs online development platform, when we upload data instead of selecting one click City, we will enter the empty citybuilder editing page. At this time, we click the plus sign on the right side of the layer, and the my data panel will appear. Choose to upload our geojson data. Pay attention to the coordinate system, you can upload our data and generate a three-dimensional city model in thingjs!

Thingjs: the choice of 100000 + enterprise users is easy to use!

Thingjs: the choice of 100000 + enterprise users is easy to use!

When our data is uploaded successfully, it will be displayed in “my data”. Click my data to convert our GIS data (geojson format) into urban scenes, and carry out corresponding operations, such as modifying the style, replacing the target model with the model, setting the model size scale, and setting pop-up windows, Users can click the corresponding model to pop up the corresponding effect, which makes the construction of our 3D visual city more convenient, and the subsequent addition of visual corresponding charts can also be added by using the chart function of thingjs, which can be said to be a very convenient tool!

Thingjs visual development team has rich project experience. Users, large and small, have experienced it and precipitated a very simple four-step development process: scene construction – online development – Data docking – project deployment. This is the choice of 100000 + users. Start your 3D development journey by selecting a good tool!

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