There’s no time to explain. Get in the car! development platform helps enterprise information interconnection


In recent years, internet science has entered a period of rapid development, and various advanced and efficient network technologies have emerged one after another, which has gradually become an important part of promoting social operation. The progress of network technology not only changes the life of the general public, but also promotes the operation mode of enterprises in various fields. In order to keep up with the pace of the times, all walks of life are carrying out information reform in their own way.

However, it is inconceivable that the software industry, which has been dealing with computers and network equipment for a long time, has failed to stand at the outlet of the Internet. After all, the Internet is people-oriented, and its profit depends on traffic and user groups; The software industry focuses on products. A project is a product. Products are independent of each other, and relevant resources cannot be copied and used.

But there is an idea that the software industry has always been like this. It seems that there is no problem after so many years of development. But times have changed! Nowadays, the market rules are quietly changing under the wave of informatization, and the traditional operation mode has gradually exposed problems:

First of all, although the market is large enough, the sales profit is low. It is difficult for the software industry to obtain income through network traffic. It can only fight a price war in the Red Sea to compete in the market, and the industry profit is generally much lower than before.

Secondly, the development efficiency is low and the cost is high. After all, this is a major disadvantage of the traditional software development model and can not keep up with the fast pace of the Internet.

Thirdly, the updating and upgrading of traditional software products is complex and inefficient, can not keep up with the changes of business needs, and will not be able to satisfy customers in the original Red Sea market.

To sum up, compared with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the traditional software industry is indeed backward. If it does not catch up and make rapid transformation, it may be abandoned by users and eliminated by the times in the near future.

POWERSOFT (learun. CN) took the lead in taking the first step of transformation. With more than 10 years of software development experience, it independently developed LR low code development platform, realized “agile development” and “rapid iteration” of software, and helped traditional software vendors successfully transform in the Internet market and open up an emerging blue ocean market.

There's no time to explain. Get in the car! development platform helps enterprise information interconnection

If we want to successfully transform and go ashore, we must face up to the exposed problems and solve them step by step.

The first task is to improve efficiency and reduce costs. LR platform adopts advanced ‘visual component’ design and accumulates a large number of mature and efficient application components. Using LR platform, most software development can be completed with only a small amount of programming. What developers see is what they get, and the overall development efficiency is several times higher than that of traditional schemes.

The reason why rapid development platforms are efficient is that such platforms usually adopt low code development schemes, and the requirements for technicians are also reduced. Therefore, the configuration of the development team can be reduced, and only a small number of personnel can be trained for on-the-job operation. Compared with the traditional development scheme, the labor cost can be ignored.

Secondly, we should take into account the uniqueness of the product and face the needs of customers. The customized template function of LR platform can be customized on demand, and the personalized function can be completed by mouse operation. And the LR platform is visualized in the whole process. Developers can modify it online at any time according to demand changes, and preview the results in real time through the visual interface. From the perspective of customers, develop application systems that really satisfy customers.

There's no time to explain. Get in the car! development platform helps enterprise information interconnection

Finally, conform to the market trend and unify the development norms. The LR platform implements modular management and follows unified development specifications. It can feed back bugs in time to help developers quickly modify the software system, improve development accuracy and reduce maintenance costs.

For contemporary enterprises, the sad thing is not that they have no strength, but that they go in the wrong direction on the road of hard work. The result is to lose competitiveness quietly until it is eliminated.

Change, starting from the concept, the high-quality characteristics of LR integration platform, whether traditional software enterprises, industries in urgent need of information transformation, or just a developer, can simply take charge of the development of the whole project, bringing wonderful convenience and innovation.

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