There is no spring box solution in the bottom most view of idea




I have encountered the problem that the spring view box as shown in the figure disappears after the idea opens a project, and the view tool windows can’t find the problem. If you don’t have this, it’s very annoying. After searching the Internet for a long time, there is no data, so make a record;


Step 1: open idea file settings plugins, select installed to search for spring, and check whether spring MVC and spring support are enabled. If it still does not work, step 2

Step 2: open the Maven view box to see if it is empty. If it is empty, click + and select the item pom.xml File load in

Step 3: if it still doesn’t work, use the shortcut key to open Shift + Ctrl + Alt + s to open the project structure, and add spring and spring MVC in modules

Step 4: if you still can’t, you can onlyUse your hidden talentNow, let me know what’s wrong. Let me know when it’s solved~