There is no solution to chromedriver using angular.js on Mac


This installation is in accordance withOfficial tutorial of angular.js

Since Git is used in the front installation, it is recommended to provide its own ladder.

At this point:

npm run protractor

Will always report errors:

Error: Could not find chromedriver

The key to this step is to have chromedriver.exe on the MAC system. You’re right. It’s exe… And the under the NPM instruction given in the tutorial can’t be decompressed. So we need to download it manually, unzip it, and add the. Exe suffix.

The download address is as follows:…
Note: proxy must be used here, otherwise there is no speed at all. Even if you use an agent, you may not be able to download it. It is recommended to download it using Chrome’s own Downloader, or buy a Xunlei VIP and download it offline
After decompression, add the. Exe suffix and copy the original zip and exe to the following path


Then run again

npm run protracot

It’s a success~

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