@There is a free copyright protection service for enterprises in Dawan district


Today, under the guidance of Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau, the online evidence collection and disposal center of Shenzhen market inspection bureau and Tencent Security jointly released the “peace of mind plan” for copyright protection in Shenzhen, which is committed to providing 1000 free copyright certificates and free monitoring services for 100000 small, medium and micro enterprises in Dawan District in 2021.
@There is a free copyright protection service for enterprises in Dawan district
Chen Guiyu, deputy director of Shenzhen market inspection bureau, said that the copyright protection reassurance plan released this time is another important measure for the law enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights in Shenzhen, “We hope that through the peace of mind plan, we can break the tangible and intangible barriers between the government, enterprises, platforms, industry associations, appraisal institutions and other relevant subjects, and form a joint force of ‘common hatred and mutual watch’ in copyright protection.”
Li Wei, vice president of Tencent security, said that in the future, the knowledge intensive industries represented by scientific and technological innovation and cultural and creative industries in Dawan district will occupy a greater proportion in the future. Tencent security will continue to provide assistance for the competent authorities to implement copyright protection based on the accumulation of technical capabilities for many years.
The copyright protection “reassurance plan” released this time is based on the technical capabilities of Tencent secure Lingkun and Lingyu blockchain. It can provide services such as copyright storage, infringement monitoring, infringement evidence collection and judicial rights protection. Small, medium-sized and micro enterprises and individuals can provide complete copyright business solutions for exclusive industry needs.
From 2016 to 2019, the annual growth rate of the added value of China’s copyright industry was 10.3%, 0.4 percentage points higher than the GDP (9.9%) in the same period. How to establish a more perfect copyright protection mechanism and continuously encourage innovation and creation has also become a common problem faced by the industry and management departments. Although national and local copyright authorities have launched many measures to promote copyright protection in recent years, for the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual creators, many enterprises are struggling in intellectual property protection due to problems such as difficult to find infringement clues, inability to provide evidence for rights protection at the first time, lack of professional human support and cumbersome evidence.
New technologies such as blockchain have moved from technology pre research to application stage, providing an excellent solution to the problem of copyright protection. Blockchain technology day has the characteristics of information verifiability, traceability, non tampering, openness and transparency, which is naturally consistent with copyright traceability. Based on the blockchain system, it can realize the rapid confirmation of content copyright and make the transaction flow clear.
Tencent security has a lot of practice in the technical pre research and landing application of blockchain. Its copyright protection scheme has been applied in many industries, including regulatory units, education, radio and television, culture and tourism, forming a whole process solution from right confirmation, certificate storage, evidence collection and rights protection.
@There is a free copyright protection service for enterprises in Dawan district
“We have accumulated some technical and product capabilities in copyright protection, and hope to open it to small and micro enterprises related to content in Shenzhen and across the country to help government authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises solve their worries in innovation and creation,” said Li Wei, vice president of security of Tencent.
In the future, Tencent security will continue to give full play to its advantages, actively cooperate with relevant competent government departments, provide technical support for copyright protection for the digital content industry, and jointly promote the high-quality development of digital cultural content ecology.