There is a bug in win10 2004, which will lead to black screen and browser data loss


As we all know, Microsoft released the May 2020 update of windows 10 (win10 version 2004), which includes windows sandbox improvement, cloud recovery and other functions. Last month, Microsoft released a feature update called October 2020 update, but at least one underlying problem has not been fixed. Now it is affecting more users, and interested friends should not miss it.

In a new support document, Microsoft confirmed that a bug in Windows 10 2004 will cause a black screen. The black screen problem is mainly on the external display, which also affects the office productivity suite, but some users report similar problems on their main display.

At present, Microsoft has finally fixed the black screen problem through a new cumulative update provided by windows update. This problem was first reported in May. It is mainly caused by the black screen when drawing with office applications.

The fix also applies to the windows 10 October 2020 update, as the two operating systems share the same core components.

The Chrome browser of windows 10 2004 and later and Microsoft’s own applications are also troubled by problems. After the update in May 2020, users have indicated that chrome and edge browser have stopped data synchronization, and browsing data will be reset automatically after restart.

In August, Microsoft sources said that the company was aware of these problems and actively investigated the causes, but as of November 2020, the problem remained unsolved.

In the past few weeks, more and more users have begun to report that windows 10 is removing cookies from their devices, and chrome or other applications will require users to log in after each boot.

It home understands that both Microsoft and Google are aware of the problem and expects the fix to arrive later this year.

“We (Microsoft) are trying to solve this problem, but due to the nature of windows updates, unfortunately, it will take some time before we can release it through monthly service updates.” Microsoft said.

At present, there is no proper repair method, but you can try to remove the tasks in the task scheduler of windows 10 to alleviate this problem. In addition, Microsoft is also aware of office update issues and broken sleep patterns in Windows 10.

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