There are 1000 reasons to choose the IT industry!


You want me to make it up

I can’t make up a thousand

Now switch to it

Do you need 1000 more reasons?



Just one


Early October

CSDN bloggers “have some evidence”


Salary of domestic programmers in October 2020

That’s what he said himself


Details of the data are as follows:

In October 2020, 362409 programmers were recruited nationwide. In October 2020, the average salary of programmers in China was 14459 yuan, with a median salary of 12500 yuan, of which 95% were paid between 5250 yuan and 35000 yuan. The salary is the same as last month, but the posts have increased.



Wages have risen.

Labor demand is also picking up





It can be seen that most people’s salary is less than 20000. If your salary is 20000, you are an aristocrat in programmers.


Major urban changes







Reasons for choosing it industry

only one

“High salary”

Doesn’t it smell good?


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