The world’s hottest programmer learning route! No one! Three days in GitHub, I got nearly 1W likes


Hello everyone, I’m brother g. at present, I’m working in Jingzhou, but dry goods still need to be arranged!

There is a popular learning route for developers abroad. At present, 131 K + stars have been harvested in GitHub, and the number of stars ranks ninth among all warehouses in GitHub. How hot this warehouse is, needless to say!


As a programmer, if you don’t know about this warehouse, you will lose a lot! In addition, some of our technical leaders refer to this warehouse when they write learning routes for new students.

The name of the warehouse is“developer-roadmap”The learning routes include:front endback-endDevOpsAndroidReactPostgraSQL DBA. In addition, the learning path of the test is still on the way.

Digression: PostgreSQL is still widely used in foreign countries, and its usage is similar to that of MySQL, but PostgreSQL is better than MySQL in many aspects. In recent years, it has become more and more popular in China.

The figure below is the Chinese translation of the learning route of the back end of the warehouse, and the content is very good overall. A programmer must master some basic knowledge of the back end! You can use it as an important reference for your back-end learning.

The figure below is the Chinese translation of the front-end learning route of this warehouse. With this learning route, the front-end learning is no longer afraid of not knowing what to learn!

Some addresses of this warehouse:

In addition, if you visit GitHub slowly, no problem. I have downloaded and uploaded the original map of these learning routes to my local cloud disk: 0f8l

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