The world wide web source code of “changing the world” will be auctioned in the form of NFT, starting at $1000


The world wide web source code of

Sir Tim Berners Lee, one of the designers of the world wide web, is selling the source code of the web in the form of NFT. Berners Lee, a British computer scientist, invented the world wide web in 1989 and wrote code for the first web browser a year later. His invention led to the development of universal websites in the 1990s, which made it possible to use the modern Internet as we know it now.

The world wide web source code of

The Sotheby’s auction house called “this changed everything.” includes not only the code for a world wide web browser with a date and time stamp, but also a letter from Berners Lee himself, a vector file that can be printed as a poster, and a 30 minute silent video describing the process of the code being typed.

The world wide web source code of

The auction code contains 9555 lines of network elements that many of us are familiar with today, including the implementation of three languages and protocols invented by Berners Lee: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and URI (Unified Resource Identifier).

“Thirty years ago, I created something that, with the help of a large number of collaborators around the world, became a powerful tool for humanity,” Berners Lee said. He also stressed that he believes that the value of NFT is the most appropriate form of ownership available… They are the ideal way of the origin behind the packaging network. “.

Berners Lee seems to think NFT is a natural companion for code – in a press release, he said NFT is “the latest game creation” on the Internet and “an ideal way to package the origins behind the network.”. In an interview with the financial times, he compared NFT to a signed book, which made me imagine how cool the project would be if he auctioned the code on a box of signed magneto-optical disks, and the next computer he used to write the code would also use this box of magneto-optical disks.

According to a news release from Sotheby’s, the proceeds will be used for businesses supported by Berners Lee and his wife.

When the auction starts on June 23, the bidding will start at $1000. The funds raised will be used to support activities supported by Berners Lee. For more information, check out Sotheby’s website.

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