The world wide web publishing service (W3SVC) has stopped


I bought a new set of management system, which needs PHP, Apache and MySQL environment, but the existing servers are all standard configuration of Microsoft. I went to download the relevant environment myself and built the environment manually all the way. After a long time, I still left some problems, so I found the other party’s technical solution; After connecting to the remote server, I said that the windows server was not good, and the configuration was very troublesome. I also said that I used the pagoda manager, which was very convenient and one click configuration. However, my server not only needed to deploy their system, but also deployed many. Net sites, which required IIS. I found that IIS could not start the website after installing the pagoda, You can only create a new website. If you try to start the website, you will be prompted to stop the service. Error:

The world wide web publishing service (W3SVC) has stopped

After looking in the service management tool, it turns out that this service has not been started. Its full English name is World Wide Web publishing service. After starting the service, it is found that the website still can’t be started, and another error occurs

The world wide web publishing service (W3SVC) has stopped

This problem is caused by installing the Apache service provided by the pagoda. Just disable the Apache service in the pagoda manager.

Note: the “pagoda” here is a server management software, which is not easy to use as expected. Maybe it is more suitable for the uniform server configuration, but not suitable for the special and complex environment; I don’t know if it’s because of for windows. There are many small problems in many parts of the interface. For example, when I install the environment, I can’t click Cancel when I click Install. I can only close the whole software; Then, the highest version of MS SQL server provided is 2008, and only 2008 is written. It’s not sure whether it is 2008 or R2, but in fact many of my databases are created based on 2012.

Related environment:
Windows Server 2012, IIS 8, pagoda panel 5.4 for windows

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