The way of excellent programmer: summary of java development experience and skills.pdf


I collated Java advanced materials for free, including Java, redis, mongodb, mysql, zookeeper, spring cloud, Dubbo high concurrency distributed and other tutorials, a total of 30g, which needs to be collected by myself.



Java development always goes through many processes, such as project approval, design, coding and testing. Let’s introduce these development experiences in java development.

  1. Project approval
    What needs to be done at this time is to collect requirements, and developers need to pay attention to requirements. Opportunities always tend to be prepared people, success naturally is the same. Developers should not only do well in requirement analysis, but also make accurate estimates. Because the coding work needs to be completed on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, the technical difficulties need to be fully predicted, and the unfamiliar dependent platforms or class libraries need to be familiar.
  2. Design
    When designing, we should make good use of the diagram, because it can express the structure and flow of the module clearly.
    In addition, when designing, we should stand the tediousness and pain in the process of detailed design, and face it with a happy attitude.
  3. Code
    The coding work needs to maintain a meticulous, serious and rigorous work attitude, and the coding made should not be hasty and hasty, and should be considered carefully. In terms of logic, style, simplicity and effectiveness, your best can not only better realize the value of the company, but also more conducive to your own progress in skills and positions.
  4. test
    The written code can’t cause the later work trouble because of the momentary omission. The developers should test the code they have written in detail, and then submit it after verification, so as to become an excellent developer.
  5. summary
    In the whole process of the project, be good at timely communication. In case of problems, we should find solutions in time. At this time, we can solve problems together with colleagues, learn their strengths and advantages, and turn them into our own.




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