The use of arrow function and this pointing

Arrow function: it is also a way to define function

How to define a function:


const day = function(){}

2. Defining functions in literal quantities of objects

const obj={

3. Arrow function in ES6

const day =() =>{
Parameter problem of arrow function

1.1 put in two parameters

const sum = (num1,num2) => {
  return num1+num2

1.2 put a parameter (brackets can be omitted)

const power = num => {
  return num*num
Return value problem

2.1 When there is only one line of code in the function code block:

const sum = (num1,num2) => num1+num2

This in arrow function
const obj = {
        console.log(this); //  The print is window
     settimeout(() => {
        console.log(this); // It prints obj objects

Conclusion: the search method of this in the arrow function is to search this layer by layer in the outer scope until there is a definition of this

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