The U-disk is set to read-only and not write-able after plugged into the computer


If you are the “resource” storage core of the office or dormitory, the computer always keeps a large number of application software or other materials, which will inevitably receive various requirements from people around you. Just like Xiaobian, it’s annoying for someone to copy a movie today and share a game tomorrow!

After many days of closed doors and pondering, we still use the registration form to insulate the computer from the external storage device. Any storage device connected to the computer is written with “protection”: only read, not write! (if your computer is poisoned, you can use this method to ensure the data security in the mobile storage.)

Come on, go on“Win+R”Input after key combination“regedit”Enter the registry editor and navigate to


New “term”, named“StorageDevicePolicies

And then in the new“term“Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value and name it as”WriteProtect, and double-click to change the value data to 1.


After these steps are completed, when you insert the mobile storage device, you can see the figure below. All external devices will become“read-only”Property, no data can be written, but files can be opened and copied.

Hum hum, those children who are looking for my information, it’s your equipment that has problems. It’s not a small compilation. I won’t share it with you!

What, you said you can’t back up your own data? Restore the computer to its previous state and run the system restore function.

Just follow the above steps to change the new “writeprotect” value data to 0,

Run the command prompt as administrator and execute“diskpart”。

Have a drink of water. Wait. After entering the Diskpart, run “list disk” to see the list of disks on the computer. According to the capacity, you can determine which is the external U disk.

Then execute the following command to select the USB flash disk

Select disk n (n refers to the serial number of the U disk, which is determined from the list above. Select 1 for this example)

Next, just type

attributes disk clear readonly

You can release the read-only status of the USB flash drive.

If you are not sure, you can

attributes disk

Verify and see what’s shown above.

The above is the U-disk plug-in computer can only read not write state introduction, there is a need but do not know how to operate friends can refer to this article, I hope this article can help you!