The two-year iteration of perfdog officially launched its commercial exploration


The performance test of mobile terminal has become the trouble of many performance testers because it involves many tools, difficult root / prison break, doubtful accuracy of tools, unstable data results and other factors. In order to help performance testers better complete the performance test of the client, Tencent has developed a mobile performance test tool – perfdog, which was officially released on November 1, 2019 and open for download. This tool has many advantages: friendly interface, convenient operation, no root / prison break, full platform support, accurate and comprehensive data collection, fast and convenient problem location. This is very friendly for mobile performance testers and has become a star product in everyone’s eyes.
1、 Why perfdog?
Since perfdog was released online, it has attracted the attention and favor of a large number of game publishers, mobile phone manufacturers, R & D testers and evaluation bloggers. During the product beta, we received feedback, praise and affirmation from many users on the official website, Q group, forum and other channels.
The two-year iteration of perfdog officially launched its commercial exploration
(user evaluation screenshot | group)
Many up owners have also produced video content for performance testing using perfdog. They spontaneously help us spread it on station B, forums and other videos and social media. We feel your preference. Here, perfdog thanks all users who support and recognize us.
The two-year iteration of perfdog officially launched its commercial exploration
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Why do you gain so many users’ support? The reason for high evaluation and popularity may be found in perfdog itself.
2、 What services does perfdog provide?
Perfdog performance dog is developed by Tencent wetest. It is officially positioned as “mobile full platform performance test and analysis expert”, and is committed to improving the performance and quality of mobile applications and games.
Perfdog is a tool that supports IOS / Android / Applet / H5 and other mobile full platform performance testing at the same time. The mobile phone does not need root / prison break, and the mobile phone hardware, games and application app do not need to be modified, which is very simplified plug and play.
Assist users to conduct effective client performance testing during R & D, including obtaining performance data of each version, in-depth performance optimization analysis, performance evaluation report before project launch, comparative analysis of peer product performance, etc. In addition, it can also be combined with performance monitoring products to jointly locate the performance problems of single or multiple users online, so as to improve the performance and quality of APP applications and games.
The two-year iteration of perfdog officially launched its commercial exploration
Perfdogservice is a service component of perfdog. It not only provides professional, efficient, comprehensive and scalable one-stop performance infrastructure services, but also precipitates expert testing and analysis capabilities into services, reduces user capability standards, and supports customized development and automation. Users can carry out secondary development based on service components, Conduct non embedded (app does not need to integrate SDK) automatic performance test service and cloud test performance service.
The two-year iteration of perfdog officially launched its commercial exploration
3、 What customer problems have been solved?
Perfdog & perfdogservice has served tens of thousands of enterprises and projects in the public beta stage, which has solved many pain points in the project testing process. We can see it from the following cases:
1. Automatic performance test of a tactical competitive mobile game — science and technology liberates manpower
Because the tactical competitive mobile game needs to test the performance of the daily build version, which is very labor-intensive, it is urgent to consider the implementation of automation. The customer used an AI platform + perfdogservice component to automatically collect and upload performance data, and finally realized the rapid detection of data of each version.
The two-year iteration of perfdog officially launched its commercial exploration
2. Quality center of an E-sports live broadcasting platform — polishing high-quality live broadcasting
An E-sports live broadcasting platform has high requirements for performance and quality. By introducing perfdogservice and combining with the internal quality center, it has quickly established the performance monitoring of peer competitive products, polished and studied from all dimensions, indicators and versions, benchmarked the top of the industry, and made great efforts to create a high-quality live broadcasting experience for users.
The two-year iteration of perfdog officially launched its commercial exploration

4、 New upgrade perfdog coming online
Client performance testing tools need continuous version updates to keep up with the rapid changes of terminal devices and test scenarios. Any product can maintain vigorous vitality only by continuous optimization and upgrading and continuous investment. Therefore, in order to better ensure the long-term R & D and operation development of perfdog products, and to provide users with a more professional and convenient product experience. We decided to upgrade perfdog on September 1. Before the upgrade, we will continue to give full free experience period, and after the upgraded version is officially released, we will continue to give users preferential discount prices. Let’s look forward to the arrival of the upgraded version of perfdog.

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