The tutorial of installing rt3070 chip USB wireless network card on MAC osx10.10


The rt3070 series chip of Ralink (Taiwan leiling) is the core of many USB wireless network cards. However, because Ralink (now MTK) does not provide the driver under MAC osx10.10, we have to go through a series of tedious steps to install the driver.

1. First of all, we have a series of files ready, all of which can be found on the Internet. I will add the IP address of the integration package later

2. Then we follow the steps to install the rt3070 driver, and restart automatically after the installation

3. Then we use unarchiver to expand the installation package to the desktop

4. Open the folder generated after unpacking, right-click rt2870resources.pkg, and select View package content

5. Then double click to expand the payload file to get a “payload2” folder

6. Then get the kernel extension file according to the path as shown in the figure

7. Use the kext wizard to install the kernel extension, and then restore permissions and reload the cache. This step may take a while

8. Then install the wireless network management tool of dwa-125. Here we can choose OSX 10.6

9. Then restart according to the installation prompt, open the system settings after restart, and click the dwa-125 icon at the bottom. The program may require a restart, just restart the system settings as required.

After that, you should see the following interface. After the automatic search is completed, you can connect to the Internet normally. At the same time, there will be one more connection in the network settings

matters needing attention:The author uses comfast wu770n wireless network card with rt3070l chip. The products of different manufacturers may be different, so the method cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness.

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