The translation of laravel 5.6 Chinese documents was completed, with 60 translators and took 10 days


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Document address of laravel 5.6:Laravel 5.6 document page


The translation of laravel 5.6 documents took a total of 10 days and 60 users participated. We have translated 5.1 ~ 5.6, which is the most efficient one.

Historical progress

Here you can view the historical progress of Translation:…

L5. 6 translator

All participating users have added the identity of “l5.6 translator”——…Thanks to these hard-working translators.

Review of previous periods:

Help improve

Although the document has been translated, students can still improve the quality of the document by submitting “improvements” to the translators:

Next translated document

With the convenience of document translation function, we will enrich it nextDocument Center, bring the documents of excellent foreign projects to you. The next translated document project isDingoapi documentation, if you have recommended documents, you are also welcome to reply to your suggestions under this article.

For discussion, please go to:…

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