The top ten high paid jobs in 2020 are released, and programmers dominate the list


Source: 21st Century Business Herald

Author: Poplar

Editor: Li Qingyu


On December 15, the workplace social platform released the 2020 talent attraction report. The report is based on the analysis of 110 million workplace users and social recruitment big data,57% became more anxious than in previous years , The sources of anxiety are work, savings, epidemic situation, life, body, emotion and others.

In 2020, “working people” has become a hot word in the workplace, and this self mockery is not only to relieve anxiety, but also to express helplessness about the lack of workplace mobility and the difficulty of career development. According to the report, “workers” actually sounded the alarm of employee engagement and workplace relationship construction, and enterprises need to respond to the pain points of current workplace people and build a new symbiotic and win-win workplace relationship.


The report shows that the three industries with the highest overall well-being in work in 2020 areEducation / training / scientific research, consumer durables, medical / pharmaceutical.The three industries with the lowest overall happiness are trade / wholesale / retail, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and it / Internet.


In terms of industry talent attraction,It Internet is still the largest talent inflow industry , The life service industry, manufacturing industry and financial industry have become the industries with the most significant net outflow of talents.

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In terms of cities, Shenzhen is the most attractive city for talents in 2020, followed by Hangzhou and Shanghai. Among the top ten, Changsha, Guiyang, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and other central and western cities were selected.

According to the report,Top ten jobs with the highest employment competition in 2020  Followed by brand, public relations, business operation, venture capital / equity investment, UI design, hrbp, project manager, product operation, creative design and strategic operation.

andTop ten jobs with the highest talent scarcity  They are graphic development, audio and video development, game development, broadcasting / hosting / anchor, medical scientific research / R & D, numerical planning, algorithm, insurance broker, cloud computing R & D and extracurricular tutors.



In addition, the report also disclosedTop ten high paid jobs in digital economy in 2020 ,Including architects, algorithmsData security, risk control development, game producer, cloud computing R & D, audio and video development, data analysis, data development, game special effects art.

For the demand for digital talents, the Internet industry has the largest demand, and the distribution proportion of talents is the highest, nearly 88%. In addition, industries such as finance, communication electronics and manufacturing have the most digital talents. It is worth noting that the number of digital talents in the education and training industry is also in the lead in various industries, which is closely related to the recent rapid development of online education industry.