The threshold of programming


Why is it that sometimes for new people, the most important requirement is the so-called love of programming? Because programming really needs a certain threshold, if not, it can be accumulated slowly with time. But if they don’t love each other, it won’t take time to reach the threshold.
Common thresholds
1. Grammar, which requires certain logical ability, belongs to the lowest level ability. If you can’t understand the syntax of a language, you may be able to write code, but it’s no different to write without debugging
2. Logic, mainly the logic of problem segmentation, can split the requirements from big problems to small problems, and finally to the ability of realization. The more advanced part is to find the commonalities between these problems. The specific commonalities are the reuse of direct code level, and the abstract commonalities are the so-called design patterns and frameworks.
3. Decoding ability, writing more mysterious, in fact, is to read other people’s documents, to translate into their own understanding of the set of things. Everyone’s understanding of the world is different, that is, the so-called cognitive model. After understanding other people’s things, it is not only a process of disenchantment, but also a process of deepening understanding.
4. There is no resistance to code, which is really more mysterious, and it is also the most relevant point with “love code”. Because it will involve reading a large number of documents. If you feel a little resistant and feel that it is enough, you will definitely discount your promotion