The task manager cannot close the stuck program process. What should I do?


When the program is running, it will get stuck for many reasons, including system reasons and software itself. If the program is stuck, the general method is to open the task manager and end the program. However, sometimes even the task manager cannot end the application. In this case, how to solve it? Let’s teach you a method to enable the command prompt to close the process.

1. If a program cannot be closed according to the normal method, such as the program shown in the figure below, clickClick the system shutdown button, orIn the taskbar minimize program right-click menu““Close”,Can’t close this program.

2. I have no choice but to enter the task manager to end the process, select this application, and right-click“Result process”。

3. But a prompt box pops up“Unable to complete operation, access denied”,Also, this process cannot be ended.

4. To solve this problem, teach you a method. First enter the command prompt and enter the method:Start – > Run – > InputCMD commandOpens a command prompt window.

5. After entering the command prompt window, enter at the flashing cursorTasklist command,Press enter.

6. A list of all processes will be displayed. In the second column, there is a PID session name, which means process ID.

7. If no stuck process is found, drag the right scroll bar to find it, and write down the PID session name,Then enter the taskill PID session name (i.e. taskill 3804) and press enterTo close the program.

8. If you do not need the tasklist command to query the PID session name, you can use another method in the task manager menu“View”Next, open“Select column,Then, in the select column box, check“PID (process identifier)”,determine.

9. Back to the process, you can see the PID session name. Note that in the command prompt, directly use the taskill PID session name. For example, if the process PID is 188, thenThe command is taskkill / PID 188 / F enterTo close the stuck process.

matters needing attention:This is just a single program stuck, not a system stuck. If the system is stuck, I’m afraid even the task manager, run, and command prompt will not open.

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