The symfony5 video tutorial recorded by yourself can be shared for free.


As a symfony developer, there are too few symfony Chinese materials in China. You can only read English documents and English tutorials.

Across the steep learning curve of symfony (mainly because there are few Chinese materials and learning is troublesome), I have a deeper understanding of symfony framework.

I have recorded a set of symfony video tutorials. I hope more people can use symfony and form an active community like laravel. Now I share it for free.

The symfony5 video tutorial recorded by yourself can be shared for free.

A total of 120 courses with a total class time of more than 12 hours will teach you how to start symfony project and develop teebblog blog system from 0. Suitable for beginners and developers with a certain foundation to improve their technology. You will learn how to use multiple components in symfony and how to search the documents you need through the search engine.

There are some follow-up learning of symfony source code in the course, which can let you learn more about the principle of symfony. Better learn symfony.

Course link:Symfony 5 full development

Course Code:Symfony 5 fully developed code

If you are looking for a PHP framework to study, I hope you can see this article. Symfony is really a super ox x framework. After all, many open source systems use symfony’s source code more or less (laravel also uses symfony’s code).

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