The Story of Nervos’New Official Website and Logo


Author: Qi Qi
Believing that design is a benevolent promoter of design meow

Today, our official website has been upgraded. The whole network is basically composed of four colors: black, white, green and grey. Cool little icons are embellished and the style is more concise.


Many careful little friends have found that we have changed logo! With Rylai testing online, Nervos CKB is iterating continuously, and we have also done an iteration on the overall visual language:Not only did we update the logo, but we also updated the color and standard font.

The Story of Nervos'New Official Website and Logo

Previously, in Nervos microblogs and forums, people kept asking what the meaning of the new logo was. Now let our designers tell you:

Nervos Logo 2.0 Keyword: Connect

In exploring Nervos’new logo, we hope she is from “simple” to “deep”: we hope that the new logo’s shape is simple and lightweight, and can enter your sight at the first time; we also hope that this lightweight shape can carry the story behind the new generation of logo and what Nervos has been insisting on doing. Matter.

The theme of Nervos’new Logo is “Connecting.” Her shape is a two-dimensional space “N” connecting two three-dimensional space rectangles, just like Nervos connecting two levels, connecting machinery and human beings, connecting present and future, connecting you and me.

When many people see Nervos Logo, they will be attracted by the transformation dislocation of the two-dimensional space and the three-dimensional space. Such dislocation is to find integration in a contradictory world, like Mobius ring, which can not distinguish the starting point but can not see the end point, and it is infinite.

The Story of Nervos'New Official Website and Logo


Green is a vibrant color. In the color of Nervos’new logo, we keep Nervos green while choosing a cool grey color system, but we will make it brighter and lighter. We hope Nervos will be calm but not lose the temperature.


This time, we also made a new attempt on the font: Nervos English Uniform Standard font was replaced by “Montserrat”. The shape of the “Montserrat” font is more in line with Nervos’s new Logo and is easy to read. She has provided a more friendly reading experience and a clearer way of communication for this information-rich era.…
The Story of Nervos'New Official Website and Logo

We hope to build more connections with you. We hope to explore the future with you and create a better world.