The solution to the running error of. Net program after MySQL installation


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A recent error occurred running the. Net program after MySQL was installed:

Error location: C: \ windows \ Microsoft. Net \ framework \ v4.0.30319 \ config \ machine.config

Error message: failed to load file or assembly “mysql. Connectorinstaller, version =, culture = neutral, publickeytoken = c5687fc88969c44d” or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the specified file.

The picture shows:


When you install mysql. Net connector 6.9.4 (or other versions), this disgusting error will appear, because if you do not uncheck “web providers” during the installation process, it will be written to your machine.config file, which will cause you to encounter this error.

Correct problem solving:

After downloading connector / net 6.10.6, cancel the Wen providers option and execute it to finish

The MySQLMembershipProvider node in the previous machine.config file disappears

The program is working


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