The solution to the program (because of the problem of numbers) does not respond


Problems encountered

I spent half an hour writing a code yesterday, but I didn’t expect that onlyinputStatement. The following is a part of the code:

import random

After running,ifThe following statements are completely invalid.

Solving process

First, I checked all the statements below and found no problems, and python did not report errors.

After that, I went to the QQ group and asked. They said that int () should be added. The modified code is as follows:

import random

I don’t know if there is a problem with my understanding. The operation will report an error.

I gave up, too.


I was working on another program and suddenly remembered that I could try putting quotation marks around numbers. I tried and finally succeeded

import random


I found that some can not be added, such as

if r==1:

r==1Medium1You don’t have to use quotation marks

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