The solution to enlarge and blur canvas drawing


Let’s first understand the width and height of the canvas

canvas.width Is the size of the canvas, and Is the size of the canvas rendered by the browser

First question: the height and width of the canvas

The width and height of the canvas must be set in the canvas label. If it is set in the CSS style, it will not work. The canvas will be displayed according to the default size of width: 300px, height: 150px

//Set the width and height in the label
<canvas id="canvas" width="324" height="622" >

In addition to setting the canvas label directly, you can also set it when drawing. Note that the width and height of the canvas do not need units

canvas.width = 324;
canvas.height = 622;

The second problem: the drawing is enlarged and the image is blurred

This is because the device independent pixels and physical pixels of mobile phones are inconsistent. The device pixel ratio = physical pixels / device independent pixels, and the device pixel ratio of most mobile phones is 2, which means that 100px images can be displayed normally only in 200px

The device pixel ratio can be obtained by using devicepixel ratio. After obtaining the pixel ratio, we can control the scaling ratio of graphics

scale = window.devicePixelRatio;

Just said, It’s the size of the canvas rendered by the browser. In order to display the graphics correctly and clearly in the canvas, you need to set the correct size style.width and style.height As shown in the figure below, pay attention to adding units. = canvas.width / scale + 'px'; canvas.height/ scale + 'px';

Above, we set the width of the canvas to 324, if you do not set the style.width , the drawing will be magnified to 2 times.

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