The solution of ora-12514 error report when using PLSQL developer


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Log in to PLSQL developer times  Ora-12513 errorTo modify the listening configuration file of the local database, the process is relatively simple.

Search Oracle installation directory to find listener.ora File, and modify it to TXT format to open(It is recommended to make a backup before modification)The code to be added and the location are shown in the figure below:


  (ORACLE_HOME =E:\Oracle\product.2.0\dbhome_1)   


Note: the installed drive letter needs to be changed to the drive letter where you installed Oracle, and the Oracle version number should be changed to the corresponding version number (it is recommended to copy the path from the address bar of my computer, and then change it to the format in the above code).

Code placement location:



After confirming that the input code is correct and the path in the code is correct, save the file and change the file format back to. Ora format.

Open run, input services.msc Enter the registry and restart all Oracle related services (all services with names beginning with Oracle). If there are stopped services, it is recommended to start them first (just in case). For some manually started services, it is recommended to start them automatically. Otherwise, an error may be reported after restarting the computer next time( It’s very simple. Manual is to manually start the service every time you restart the computer. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, you’d better start it automatically. If you still have to consider the performance problem, it’s recommended to search other related tutorials. I won’t repeat it here ~)

So far, the problem should be solved.