The solution of IE sending Ajax request to return the last result


Causes of the problem:

1. Only one Ajax request will be created under ie, and the response result will be put in the browser cache, which will be read from the cache the next time the Ajax request is called

In get mode, because the sending parameters and address are consistent, ie will get the data from the cache instead of requesting the server. In post mode, because of different parameters, this problem will not occur

2. The Ajax request will be reestablished every time the event is activated under Firefox


1: Add a random function after the page requested by Ajax. We can use the random time function

Add t = math. Random ()

For example: URL + “&” + “t =” + Math. Random(); Or new date(); Add “? timestamp=” + new Date().getTime();


Copy codeThe code is as follows:

type: “POST”,

async:false , / / set synchronization mode

cache:false , / / cache

url: url,


//Operation after successful return of value



The solution is cache:false

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