The second phase of the blind box game of Huobi heco & Cross ended with a $1816 bid worth 0.5btc


The second phase of the blind box game of Huobi heco & Cross ended with a 16 bid worth 0.5btc
As the official exclusive partner of Huobi Global & heco, cross is the world’s first decentralized NFT issuance & auction platform and the most abundant platform in the industry. The fire coin ecological chain heco was officially launched on January 13, and the mystiy box blind box game was launched on February 26 and March 26. In the first two phases, eight joint NFT works launched in cooperation with the mainstream public chain, projects and media of the coin circle were launched. The total value of NFT exceeded 5 million and the total prize pool value was 1btc. Before the lottery, each blind box has a winning rate of 25%. The blind box can only be opened by players who have won the NFT.

In addition, in this issue, mystity box also held a million heco – CVT airdrop. During the event, 50 heco – CVT airdrops can be obtained by bidding to any joint NFT (each address can only be obtained once, and different wallet addresses with the same IP address are regarded as the same user). The airdrop will announce the winning list within 7 working days after the end of the blind box game. Since the rewards of this activity are CVT on heco chain, the rewards will be directly airdropped to the winning address within 7 working days after CVT is mapped to heco chain.
The second phase of the blind box game of Huobi heco & Cross ended with a 16 bid worth 0.5btc

Phase II blind box data

The first round of auction – at 20:00, the total amount of four NFT auctions reached 1456 HT. The final winning prices of Tron, cointegraph, planet daily and bitget were 77.9ht, 71.7ht, 80ht and 120ht respectively. The winning address can freely choose to open the built-in blind box of NFT or transfer the auction.

Remake data – before 21:00, three NFTs and built-in blind boxes of Tron, planet daily and bitget have been remade twice by the photographers, and the winning rate of each blind box has increased to 33.33%. In addition, Tron has been re auctioned for 3 rounds, and the re auction prices are 80ht, 88ht and 100ht respectively.

Closing data – at 22:10, Tron and bitget were opened at the same time, and the NFT “bitget glorious ox” blind box with built-in 0.5btc award was successfully opened, with a bid price of 141ht, i.e. US $1816.

The winning address is 0x581959852037f73a0a1ba9f4b58a0d000a5b61f0. The NFT is designed by Chi Lei, a well-known NFT artist, in combination with the brand elements of bitget exchange. The cross co branded year of the ox & Coin circle bull market NFT integrates graffiti, laser, splicing, metal, ink and other design elements. It is mainly characterized by green and cattle, which indicates that everyone can gain both wealth and fame in the bull market.

Final data – the number of new addresses is 2K +, the total number of visited addresses exceeds 21354, the cumulative number of auctions is 4782, the cumulative bid amount reaches US $45265, and the total bid is much higher than the 0.5btc award. Compared with the data of Mystery Box in the first phase, the number of blind box participants and bid amount in this phase have doubled.
The second phase of the blind box game of Huobi heco & Cross ended with a 16 bid worth 0.5btc

The third issue of mystity box is under active preparation

In addition, the third phase of Huobi Global & heco & Cross blind box game in April is also under active preparation. At that time, innovation and upgrading will be carried out on the basis of the original game playing method. You are expected to participate in more new functions and experiences. At the same time, cross v2.0 will also be launched in April, and the smart contract, page plate and system functions will undergo new iterations. At the same time, many well-known artists will settle on the platform to bring you higher quality NFT encrypted works of art. Please pay attention to the official announcement of cross for subsequent developments.

If you still have questions or want to know about this event, you can add the wechat (wechat: cyberveinvt) of little sister CV, the official operation number in China, to learn more. At the same time, we also look forward to the majority of users to provide valuable suggestions and feedback to Mystery Box. Welcome to leave a message in this article!

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