The second BSN developer competition of blockchain service network has come to an end and ten teams have come to the fore!


A few days ago,The second BSN developer competition, which lasted three months, ended successfullyAfter being strictly examined and carefully checked by the competition evaluation committee,A total of 10 winning works were selected in the competitionIn whichZhongguancun Science City City brain Co., Ltd. and other teams used Baidu super chain xuperchain as the underlying framework。 Now the results of the competition will be announced, and congratulations to the winners.

This competition is toWriting smart contracts based on various underlying frameworksAs the theme,Entries based onHyperledger FabricFISCO BCOSCITAXuperChaininAt least one underlying framework writes smart contracts. In the current period of diversified development of the underlying framework of the alliance chain, each framework has its own characteristics and advantages. The sponsor BSN (blockchain service network) hopes to make more blockchain application developers familiar with the current domestic mainstream alliance chain bottom frameworks, master the development environment and tools of each framework, and understand the differences between the frameworks It promotes the technology exchange and integration of the whole blockchain industry.

The competition is composed of eight expert judges and two expert consultants from different industries and fields. All judges and consultants have profound understanding and rich experience in the development of blockchain smart contracts. Experts have invested a lot of time to carefully review the entries. After preliminary review and review, ten winning works were selected. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the experts who participated in and supported the evaluation of the competition.

As the co organizer of this event, the super chain team has prepared the competition preparation community, technical guidance, special training for smart contract writing and rich learning materials for the participants in the early stage of the competitionAnd other resources supportThe winning team applied the super chain as the underlying technical support to the compliance audit, which was safer and more intelligentAlliance chainWe have applied blockchain technology to epidemic prevention and control to build Haidian City brain epidemic prevention and control platform; more award-winning teams have closely combined super chain technology with daily life to design live clock in challenge.

The Organizing Committee of the competition will7month10All award winning works will be published on July 1The copyright and the right of authorship belong to the original author, and the contact information of the original author will be attached to the compressed package of the published winning works. In case of copyright dispute, please sign your real name and contact the organizer in writing( [email protected] )The Organizing Committee of the competition will accept it carefully and report it to the evaluation committee according to the actual situation.

The following are the results of this competition:
The second BSN developer competition of blockchain service network has come to an end and ten teams have come to the fore!