The script code that compares two files implemented by Perl and filters the data

Copy codeThe code is as follows:
my %scyjm; 
open (CONTACT,”f:\\perl\\f.txt”)||die(“can not open the file!”);  
while (<CONTACT>) 

Next if /^#/; if ($= ~/^#/ abbreviation)
[email protected] = split; # [email protected] = split/ s+/, $; abbreviation
  next if(($information[1]=~/\./) && ($information[2]=~/\./)); 

close CONTACT; 
open (SC,”f:\\perl\\a.csv”)||die(“can not open the file!”); 

   my @sc=split; 
   if ( $scyjm{$sc[1]}{$sc[2]}) 
      print “$sc[0] $sc[1] $sc[2] $sc[3] $sc[4] $sc[6] $yjm[6]\n”; 

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