The screenshot of windows 10x system flows out. Is this goodbye to windows 10?


Source: fast technology

On January 15, it was reported that windows 10x was expected to be pushed to OEMs before the end of spring.

At first, Microsoft wanted to create an exclusive windows 10x experience for dual screen devices, but reality shows that it is more likely to pilot on a single screen PC. In addition, compared with the conventional windows 10 operating system, “X” mainly has greater changes in vision.

Usually, the start menu of windows 10 is called from the lower left corner. However, the “Start Menu” of windows 10x is suspended in the middle of the screen, which is not suitable for many users.

In addition, windows 10x mainly promotes native and progressive Web Applications (PWA) and website applications that can be quickly called. There is no application folder or icon grouping with the “Start Menu” of the new system.

Now, the screenshot of windows 10x system has been leaked on the Internet. We might as well feel how to:

Redesigned Action Center

New file explorer

Windows Search

Start menu say goodbye to live tiles



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