[the road to advanced API] for OCR character recognition, who says that AI engineers are required?


Abstract:Some functions really can’t rely on their own intuition and understanding. The voice from the front line is the most real user demand. For example, business card entry requirements.

I have been working in the position of vice chairman of the company’s Technical Committee for several months. During this period, on the one hand, I arranged various documents for the R & D team to do technical precipitation; on the other hand, I helped the market / operation several times to solve business problems with technology. Another business problem was solved last week. It is estimated that the boss rewarded me with 7 days’ paid vacation to arrange for myself, considering that promotion and salary increase should not be too frequent.

(see the story of the last episode: “breaking the circle, replacing the 10 person content team with an API”)

The programmer’s working time is either 996 or 007, which suddenly has a fake, what to do? During the epidemic period, we can’t go out for waves. We haven’t returned to our hometown one day. Let’s go back and have a look.

Lying on the rocking chair in my hometown’s yard, my mother’s Chinese garden dog wandered around, eating and sleeping. Although the days were boring, it was hard to be free.

Ding ~ also do research and development of high school students can not take off the comrade to call me, ask me to have barbecue next to the school in the evening. Said to leave, to the place, I saw the boy, tight the hat on his head, quickly sat down.

After a few cups of wine, I talked about everyone’s recent situation. I couldn’t help but express my admiration for me. “I really envy you for working in Beijing and developing interesting products. Unlike me, staying in my hometown, I just focus on the needs of sales every day. I don’t have any sense of achievement. For example, recently, the Sales Department asked me to make an automatic business card recognition function. What do you think this device can do? “

Automatic identification of business cards? Now who still use business cards, are not all wechat contact? At most, it is to make a small program, scan the code to have their own personal information, more convenient.

I said, “yes, who still uses business cards now, so this demand for sales has been raised three or four times in a month, and they are all rejected by us. It’s not worth doing.”

Speaking of this, I saw two young men coming to the next table. They were not familiar with each other. They shook hands and exchanged greetings. Finally, they exchanged business cards and sat down. Does this business card really have a market?

After watching this scene, I suddenly had an idea. I couldn’t get rid of it. I’d better help the sales department to realize the demand without any trouble. A few lines of code will solve the problem. In case someone else is useful.

I didn’t expect to be worried about it“How many lines of code? What about you? Word recognition, we don’t have AI engineers, we don’t have that technical ability! “

This is not easy to solve. I took out my mobile phone, opened my browser, entered Huawei cloud API explorer, searched for “business card recognition”, found the corresponding API, and sent the call method to the sender according to the interface instructions. Can we not just talk about a few lines of code.

In the past 10 days or so, I’ve been back to work, and I can’t get rid of it and send me a message: “thank you, man,After the business card recognition function was launched, it was found that sales people could receive more than 100 business cards every day. Previously, they had to manually enter CRM, but now they can directly enter them after scanning,The boss gave me a raise because of this. We also asked when I learned AI, ha ha. “

Through this, I realized that,Some functions really can’t rely on their own intuition and understanding. The voice from the front line is the most real user demand.If you also need the function of business card recognition, “business card recognition API” can be called as follows. Take it away.

Step 1: open the service

  1. get intoOCR home page, click use now to enter the text recognition console.
  2. Select the region where the service is located. The system displays “North China – Beijing 4” by default. Select the corresponding region according to the deployment area of each service. The service opened and called must be in the same region.
  3. In the list of services on the left, click the service you want to use and click “open service”. After the service is successfully opened, the interface displays the services that have been opened.

[the road to advanced API] for OCR character recognition, who says that AI engineers are required?

Step 2: debugging service

adoptAPI ExplorerIt can be quickly debugged.

Click word recognition in API explorer.

[the road to advanced API] for OCR character recognition, who says that AI engineers are required?

Let’s first look at what it takes to call this API:

[the road to advanced API] for OCR character recognition, who says that AI engineers are required?

it seemsThe 64 bit code or URL of the business card image can be called.

Take a chestnut

Next, we’ll take the business card of Zhuge Liang to debug it.

[the road to advanced API] for OCR character recognition, who says that AI engineers are required?

1. Get the 64 bit code of business card image: put “ZHUGE Liang” into Chrome browser, press F12, click sources in the pop-up window, and select the business card file of “ZHUGE Liang”, so that you can see the 64 bit code of business card.

2. Double click the base64 encoding information of the selected image, “Ctrl + C” copy, then paste it into API explorer, and click “debug”. The response result will identify the business card information of “ZHUGE Liang” (note that you can’t copy it with the right mouse button)

[the road to advanced API] for OCR character recognition, who says that AI engineers are required?

Learn more about Huawei cloud API:“Download Huawei cloud API selection manual for free

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