The reason why cacheable doesn’t work


Question scenario:

There are method a and method B in a class. When method a is called, the database will be called every time. Not in line with expectations.

     *Method a 
    public Manager info() {
        return info(ManagerHelper.getManagerId());

     *Method B
    @Cacheable(key = "#id")
    public Manager info(Long id) {
        return managerRepository.findById(id).orElseThrow(EntityExistsException::new);

Cause of the problem:

Spring cache annotation is based on the aspect of spring AOP, and it can only take effect through proxy. When a method with cache annotation is called by the same class or a subclass, it belongs to internal call, so the annotation does not take effect because there is no proxy.


Method 1: extract the cached method into a separate class, and then call it in the implementation class of service;

Method 2: manually use the cache manager to get the cache effect.


  • Using annotations@CacheableThe object of must be a bean managed by spring.
  • The caller must be another method.

Annotated caching does not work when:

For the same bean internal method call, the subclass calls the method with cache annotation in the parent class

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