The reason and solution of system failure caused by invalid system disk


If we are not satisfied with the current system or fail, then many users will choose to reinstall the system. Although it’s a simple thing to install the system, it’s hard to avoid various problems during the installation process. Recently, a series of English prompts, such as invalid system disk, replace the disk and then press any key, appear when a user starts the installation system, and they can’t restart normally. In the face of such problems, many users are really at a loss. Now, the developer editor has comprehensively sorted out the causes and solutions of such failures.

User talk

This morning, a teacher came to the office to upload files. After the U disk was inserted, the computer suddenly had a blue screen. Then the computer was restarted and invalid system disk, replace the disk and then press any key appeared. It was impossible to start the computer, unplug the USB flash disk, and restart the computer. This problem also occurred. There was no way to do it. Another computer teacher was not there. I was a new teacher, and I couldn’t solve it. It was very humiliating , worried. At first, I doubted whether there was a problem with memory, but it was very troublesome to dismantle the chassis in the Office (I don’t want to take this method for the time being), so I planned to enter the BIOS to have a look. I pressed and held the. Del key, and then there were many things I didn’t understand. I went to DHCP,, (the cursor was flashing all the time), and I felt it might be useless. Then I wanted to exit, so I pressed the ESC exit key, Then what I didn’t expect happened: there was a startup interface to select the operating system, and then select the system, and the system started. I feel really surprised, but I’m still a little afraid. I think how to solve this problem if I start again next time. So I read this problem online:

The recommended answer online is:

1. Invalid system disk invalid system disk \ nReplace the disk, and the N press any key to replace the disk, and then press any key to continue \ n To install the operating system, you must insert the DOS boot disk, or the windows installation disk \ n \ nalso, if it is still inserted, you need to press del when you start the computer, enter the BIOS, find the boot device, or boot sequence, and then add the floppy: floppy: CDROM to hdd-0 \ n \ nbefore you start the computer with the hard disk, you will check whether it is available Windows installation disk.

2. For example, Lenovo, Dell and HP computers, of course, some relatively new assembly machines may also have this situation, because they generally support USB HDD, which is the same as CD-ROM. when you insert a U disk or a reader similar to the U disk, and the default boot sequence of the computer is that the U disk starts before the hard disk starts, the computer will first look for the U disk There are startup files of the operating system. Generally speaking, most of the U disk and the card reader do not have the function of booting the system, just storing some data, so the computer will report an error, displaying invalid system disk, replace the disk and then press any key or disk error, which means that the disk is wrong and needs to be replaced. Press any key to continue!

At this time, we just need to unplug the USB disk or the card reader connected to the computer and restart it. Of course, the fundamental solution is to enter the BIOS and set the optical drive and hard disk at the front in the order of starting up the device, and the usb-hdd at the back. Remember to press F10 to save after setting, otherwise it will not work.

Troubleshooting of invalid system disk, replace the disk and then press any key

1. Hard disk data cable contact is not good

2. This indicates that the system files on the hard disk are missing, such as the io.sys and msdos.sys files. The recovery method is to start the computer with the windows boot disk, and then execute the sys A: C: command to transfer the system boot file to the C disk

3. You open the chassis, take down all the data lines of the hard disk and plug them in again. Then take down the memory and plug it in again, and then turn on the computer to check whether it can enter CMOS

4. You start the computer with the CD-ROM, put it in the CD-ROM drive, and set the CD-ROM drive as the first boot

If the English prompt “disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter” means “disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter”

Disk boot failed, insert system disk and press enter

The reasons are as follows:

1. Hard disk damaged or loose

2. Damaged or loose data line

3. You have a USB stick in your computer, or a CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive, or a floppy disk in the CD-ROM drive, etc


First, check if you have a USB stick in your computer, and then check if there are any disks in the CD-ROM drive and the floppy drive, and take them down.

Then check whether the hard disk is loose and whether the data cable of the hard disk is loose.

If none of the above is a problem, try replacing a new data line

If it still fails, the hard disk may be damaged, please repair or replace it with a new one.

There is also a situation in which the problem can be solved (sometimes because of it) by re plugging and cleaning the memory.

These methods have not been tried, only for a reference, to be used in the future.

There are many reasons why the invalid system disk will appear once the system is rebooted. The main reasons are introduced and solved in detail in the tutorial. I hope this tutorial can solve the problem that users cannot successfully install the system. If you have any questions, please leave a message to me. The editor will reply to you in time. Thank you very much for your support of the developepaer website!