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Why? Special €/ h2>

  • What is the power of the tank? React component/ li>
  • Using typescript, you can provide the adjusted type of fixed files/ li>
  • This is the hospital support/ li>
  • For the assembly, set the pressure/ li>
  • What’s wrong? API and scope/ li>
  • Raccoon Н “80 KB”/ li>
  • SupportHLSWhat? Code >. M3u8 (all, support)H264Pan fried spinning

Acceleration installation

npm install jol-player --save

Application example

import JoLPlayer from "jol-player";
const App = () => (
          width: 750,
          height: 420,

Demo case


Return? Configuration item/ h4>

For example: ф Why? Code > option ч Configuration problem

If number Description Item type By default/ th>
width To find out the location of the machine? Width (must be number Hurry up
height To find out the location of the machine? Height: must be number Hurry up
videoSrc Key address (must be confirmed) string Hurry up
theme No marriage string \#ffb821
poster The key will be displayed/ td> string
setEndPlayContent When a custom view result is available, it is defined/ td> React.ReactNode
setBufferContent Customize the loading of the wheel assembly in the selected view/ td> React.ReactNode
pausePlacement Position of the stop key bottomRight,center bottomRight
hideMouseTime How can I do anything? What are the marks and controls у Controller? ms number 2000
isShowMultiple Yes, it is the function of releasing multiple numbers in the database boolean true
isShowSet Is this the setup function boolean true
isShowScreenshot Yes, it’s a graphic function or not boolean true
isShowPicture Yes yes yes yes yes/ td> boolean true
isShowWebFullScreen Yes is the network switch screen boolean true
language Please zh,en zh
isShowPauseButton Is it a valid stop key/ td> boolean true
quality Select a list to assign the amount of solution qualityAttributes[]
videoType The key is placed in the screw and supported by 264(.mp4,.webm,.ogg)(LS)(.m3u8) h264,hls h264
isToast Is it a toast boolean false
toastPosition The position of toast is displayed, and the status of toast is displayed? If code > istoast is not rue valid leftTop,rightTop,leftBottom,rightBottom,center leftTop
isProgressFloat Do you want to create a bar? If yes/ td> boolean false
progressFloatPosition If this bar provides a clear location, it will be saved? Code > isprogressfloat is not valid if tp,bt bt

Clear) Θ Plug:? Code > qualityattributes port description includes:/ blockquote>

 *Standard 360p SD
 *Solution 540p HD
 *Solution 720p fHD
 *厜 1080p BD
export type qualityName = 'SD' | 'HD' | 'FHD' | 'BD';

export type qualityKey = '360P' | '540P' | '720P' | '1080P';

export interface qualityAttributes<T = qualityName> {
  name: T;
  url: string;

New regulations

Rough О Description Item type
load Reload () => void
pause Stop () => void
play Start lifting/ td> () => void
setVolume Set the pumping capacity, [0-100] (par:number ) => void
seek Set the location of the specified key? s (par:number ) => void
setVideoSrc Set the location SRC of the parking key (par:string ) => void

Plug:/ Code > if you want to use ref function in the above new field, for example, XX. Current. Load() can be viewed in the actual situation, and the demo box example can adjust the number export interface videoattributes < T = number, k = Boolean >{
*@ description is a medicine store
isPlay: K;
*@ description current time / S
currentTime: T;
*@ Description: time length*/
duration: T;
*@ Description: when saving / S
bufferedTime: T;
*@ description is "on" or "on"
isPictureinpicture: K;
*@ Description: pumping capacity
volume: T;
*@ Description: number of places in the key box
multiple: T;
*@ description is the end result of pharmacy
isEndEd: K;
*@ description error
error: null | T;

export type qualityKey = '360P' | '540P' | '720P' | '1080P'; Rough О For details, press the onprogressmousedown engine board to adjust (E: videoattributes) = > void onprogressmouseup engine board to adjust (E: videoattributes) = > void onplay engine board to adjust (E: videoattributes) = > void onplay/ Td > (E: videoattributes) = > void onpause indicates the name of the item to be stopped/ Td > (E: videoattributes) = > void ontimechange will be saved locally, and the time can be adjusted accordingly (E: videoattributes) = > void ended will be saved/ Td > (E: videoattributes) = > adjustment of void onvolumechange when the volume changes (E: videoattributes) = > void onerror indicates the number of days in which the object is placed/ Td > () = > void onqualitychange indicates the time when the solution should be changed/ Td > (E) (allbacktype < qualitykey >) = > the valid connection number of the voidjolplayer, e.g. export interface videoparameter extensions partial < videocallback >{
style?: React.CSSProperties;
*@ description "configuration of the assembly"
option: videoOption;
className?: string;
ref?: JoLPlayerRef
}Address item address preview address