The programming website IP address was robbed, and the domain name sold for $190000. Users should not log in temporarily


The article begins with the official account number CSDN.


Perl, born in 1987, although not as active as young programming languages such as Python and rust in recent years, is still in the top 20 of the tiobe list 33 years later. Perl must have its irreplaceable advantages: it is widely used, especially in system management and web programming.

But just a few days ago, Perl was in trouble: its domain was robbed, pointed to a malicious IP address, and sold online for $190000.

There are hidden dangers in malicious IP addresses


It is reported that the domain was founded in 1994 and registered in the Registrar It is the official website of Perl programming language. It is managed by the Perl foundation. It has been providing articles on Perl programming and has been supported by many Perl programming language lovers.

On January 27, Perl NOC, the Perl infrastructure blog, reported that the domain had been robbed. Users are advised not to visit this domain because they may connect to sites related to malware distribution.


The hacker changed the IP address from to, and is related to the domain used for malware distribution, including the distribution of locky ransomware (locky is a kind of ransomware spread through spam activities, which has characteristics similar to drivex Muma and has infected hospitals in many regions of the United States), However, it can also be used as a command and control (C & C) server and bleeping computer annotation.

Considering that will be used as the image or backup of the distribution module through cpan, that is, the hijacker may use this connection to endanger the systems using Perl and cpan, Perl NOC strongly recommends that users who use as the cpan image update the image at to avoid hidden dangers. For details, you can use conf urlist Replace.

In addition, on January 28, Perl NOC also offered an alternative: if users are looking for articles about Perl programming language, they can go to, which is hosted   Content that existed before was robbed.


Priced at 190000, it is now off the shelf


Shortly after the domain was hijacked, foreign media found that the domain name was sold at $190000 on (belonging to GoDaddy, which mainly provides domain name registration and Internet hosting services). In addition, the list also includes other expensive domain names, such as provided by the user drawmaster, which costs $125000. But soon after, Perl. Com’s sales information was off the shelves.

At present, the robbed does not seem to be malicious, but users try not to visit the website until Perl is officially re controlled.

In order to avoid confusion, it is hereby declared that, the official website of Perl programming language, is safe. Perl officials are actively working to recover the domain name. On February 1, Perl officials responded that is also safe and reliable after verification.


Reference link:

Domain for programming website hijacked


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