The post-90s programmer who drinks the fat house and writes water code happily tells you how to impress Alipay.


Right now! Ant “school recruitment season” is coming! In addition to introducing the technology masters of ants, we also invited some people who came to the ants through school recruitment to share their customs clearance experience and experience. At any time, there may be some industry technology gurus and your direct senior students“School recruitment season” column will continue to output rich content about “ant school recruitment”, please wait!

Hello, I’m Liu Xinyuan from the basic security data security team of ant financial services. We are fortunate to be able to become a member of the first and leading global security team in Asia. Welcome to join us and share the data and privacy security of Alipay 1 billion 200 million users with the best buddies in a group of industries.

If you are young and limitless, you should challenge bravely

The first suggestion for you is that being young means unlimited possibilities. You should be brave to try more challenges. Although I am a safe person at present, who would have thought that my first job was an investment manager.

As a quasi “post-90s generation”, the Internet industry had not yet risen. After graduating from the United States as a graduate student, I “naturally” found a job in investment and M & A, but the seemingly bright job never made me feel like it from the bottom of my heart. At that time, big data was in the ascendant. It might be due to young willfulness or interest. A year later, I quit my investment job and switched to technology. I didn’t even know what SQL was before. I was so excited when I picked up the relevant books. After I got the interview chance by accident, I was lucky to get the data engineer position of the top three TV and network service providers in the United States by two days of self-study. Starting from the data warehouse and ETL to the front-end visualization, I built the data application link of the whole department in a few months He was also seconded by other teams to do web development for a period of time. As an economics major, I learned from my interest and kept learning more about technology stacks. Later, I became interested in the field of security. I joined the world’s largest cross-border remittance company and became a network security engineer.

Until now, I still feel very happy when I think of the days when I drank happy water from fat house to write code and learn new skills.

The post-90s programmer who drinks the fat house and writes water code happily tells you how to impress Alipay.

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket,you don’t ask what seat.

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket, you don’t ask what seat.

This is one of the important reasons why I decided to quit my job in the United States and come back to join the ant. Here is also for you. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google

Can through Ali and ant school recruit, must be very excellent students. In the past, there was a famous saying that “gold will shine everywhere”. However, with the advent of the Internet era, we should also upgrade this saying, “the platform and our own efforts are equally important, even more important.”

Ant is still a fast-growing, iterative start-up. During the epidemic, the Alipay health team launched the popular product in a few days. This terrible efficiency has left a deep impression on everyone, which is a microcosm of the whole culture of ants. This outbreak has also created new challenges for our security team. There has never been such a large-scale, multi regional remote office situation. How to ensure the high availability of tens of thousands of regular employees and tens of thousands of outsourcing students while ensuring that the network and data security level does not drop is a sudden big test. The motto of our ant safety people is to control the slow with speed and to make up for the clumsiness with diligence. Just after the half of the normal Spring Festival holiday, the team partners quickly “gathered” and developed three levels of security solutions according to different business scenarios with the fastest speed. Some students stayed up all night to set up the proxy server. During the day, they supported users, answered questions, and even optimized the code in the evening and even in the morning. Monitoring stability is our daily and remote Spring Festival work In the first few days, we were almost on standby for 7 × 24 hours. This is the responsibility of ant safety man.

The post-90s programmer who drinks the fat house and writes water code happily tells you how to impress Alipay.

The only constant here is change, with greater challenges and greater gains. Let’s keep the safety bottom line together and challenge the growth limit.

About interviews

After all, this is a school recruitment face-to-face post, and finally to talk to you about the interview experience. Since I have been working in the United States before joining ant, my experience may be slightly different from that of others, but I believe the main points are the same:

1. Fully prepared and confident

Most of the students recruited by the University have no actual work experience, so the recruitment process may place more emphasis on their own technical strength and logical ability test. However, we still suggest that we should carefully excavate some research projects or topics that have been done in school, and explain your role and achievements in the middle as briefly as possible. The project should not be greedy, but should be refined. Choose the experience that you are most satisfied with and can best reflect your own advantages.

In addition, in the interview process, must be confident. Of course, self-confidence is absolutely not conceited. You should believe in your own ability, but you should still keep a modest attitude towards technology. In addition, it is also the foundation of self-confidence to master and know what you have done.

2. We should have our own thinking about the projects, research projects and technologies we have studied

In the interview process, for the description of their own experience, to avoid too running account. To reflect their own in-depth thinking, the consideration of technology selection, the real problems to be solved behind the topic, and their own precipitation and summary, are more likely to leave a good impression on the interviewer.

3. Keep curiosity and keep learning

The characteristics of the security field is a process of confrontation. External attacks are changeable. New 0-day appears every day, and the internal system is also rapidly iterating. This requires people to show a strong curiosity and self drive, and be able to cope with the changing challenges.

The post-90s programmer who drinks the fat house and writes water code happily tells you how to impress Alipay.

Finally, I hope you can relax and calmly deal with the interview. Of course, Ali’s interviewers are very nice people, so don’t be nervous. I wish you all a smooth interview and a satisfactory offer. I believe that as long as you have the ability and progress, you will find your own shining opportunities on the big platform of ants.

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1. System Security Engineer: blockchain security, mobile security, IOT security, etc

2. Data Security Engineer: MPC, privacy technology, applied cryptography, etc

3. AI Security Engineer: face recognition security, federal machine learning security, etc

4. Applied algorithm engineer: data mining, machine learning, CV, NLP, etc


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The post-90s programmer who drinks the fat house and writes water code happily tells you how to impress Alipay.