The phpMyAdmin configuration file now requires a phrase password solution


The new version of phpMyAdmin enhances security and requires a phrase password to be set in the configuration file. Otherwise, after entering, there will be “the profile needs a phrase password now.” Red exclamation.


1. Set phpMyAdmin / libraries/ config.default.php Medium

$cfg[‘blowfish_ Secret ‘] =’; change to $CFG [‘blowfish ‘_ Secret ‘] =’123456’; (Note: the ‘123456’ is a random character)

2. In the phpMyAdmin directory, open the . PHP, 18 lines

$cfg[‘blowfish_ Secret ‘] =’; change to $CFG [‘blowfish ‘_ Secret ‘] =’123456’; (Note: the ‘123456’ is a random character)

This password is used to encrypt cookies to avoid confusion when multiple phpMyAdmin or sharing cookies with other programs.

Do the above two steps, refresh the web page, OK, “the configuration file now needs a phrase password.” The prompt for does not exist!

The above is the phpMyAdmin configuration file now needs a phrase password solution, I hope to give you a reference.

Author: Mu engineering 3455409
Source: moocnet

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