The perfect solution for Oracle listener after it is hung up by optimization master


Solutions after Oracle listener is hung by optimization master:

An error occurred while starting the oracleorahome90tnslistener service. Information:

Cannot start on local computeroracleorahome90tnslistenerService,

Error 3: the system could not find the specified path.

After checking the information on the Internet, I found that the location of these files is generally determined by the Oracle home variable of the registry.

First look at the registration form HKEY_LOACL_MACHINE/ SOFTWARE/ORACLELowerORACLE_HOMEvalue

If there is no such value, you must add it.

The Oracle home value is generally the Oracle installation directory, such as C: oracleora90.

(another directory, C: Oracle admin, corresponds to oracle_base, the default location of your database establishment.)

Look for it again.ORACLE_HOME network ADMIN listener.oraWhether the file exists.

The above documents are in good condition!

Open the registry againMissing path imagepath found under HKEY ﹣ loacl ﹣ machinesystemcurrentcontrolservicesoracleorahome90tnslistener, create a new string imagepath with the key value “C: oracleora90binlsnrctl. Exe”

Restart the oracleorahome90tnslistener service and report an error.

Oracle listener can’t be opened!

Error is 1053

Find the problem again and again, change the imagepath in the above registry, and the key value is “C: oracleora90bin ﹣ nslsnr. Exe”


The above is the perfect solution for Oracle monitor that Xiaobian introduced to you after it was hung up by optimization master. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message to me, and Xiaobian will reply to you in time. Thank you very much for your support of the developepaer website!