The official WeChat official account of “Android developer” is coming! We are waiting for your help!


Google developer official account has undoubtedly become a link between Google technology and developers. Especially for Android teams, it is very important for us to pass on the freshest content to developers at the very first time and to hear the feedback from everyone.

JustThe amount of Android development content has far exceeded the carrying capacity of the existing single official account.——Android, as an ecosystem, carries diverse technologies, tools, services and communities. Of course, we hope to effectively deliver every message from Android in a way, frequency and space that is more focused and more suitable for the needs of Chinese developers.

The official WeChat official account of Android developers is therefore on the agenda.

Today, we are very happy to announce to you:Official WeChat official account of “Android developer”It is now online and will be officially released next Thursday, March 25! From now on, you can search “Android developers” through wechat and“follow“。

Wait, it’s not over… Before the official release next week! We want to invite China developers to help voice the official account of the Android developer, the real voice. We are excited and looking forward to hearing from younative dialect! Please read the following participation methods and rules carefully.

“Android developer” official WeChat official account assistance activities [rules and instructions]

  • From now on, please“Android developer” WeChat official accountOfhomepageSend a paragraphvoiceRemember to usedialectOh ~ voice content:

“Welcome to WeChat developer Android official account”

(* fine adjustment can be made according to the usage of dialect)

  • After sending the above dialect voice, please send another text message, the content is“State / Province, your position”For example, “Beijing, designer”, or “Wuhan, Hubei, Android Development Engineer”, or “Shenzhen, Guangdong, independent developer”.
  • Sending the above message means that you have agreed to use your wechat avatar, nickname and voice( seeLicensing agreement)
  • We will pick out a number of the voice from the voice you submitted and use it when the WeChat developer’s official account of the Android developer is released.
  • The final used voice and the first 30 participants who submitted voice will receive our Google gift pack!

⚠️be careful:

  • The same wechat user will not win again.
  • We will contact your award-winning friend by answering the message on your home page. Please note the reply of “Android developer” WeChat official account.

Prize setting

Google Gift Pack

The official WeChat official account of

Note: only one limited Android doll is included in one gift bag. The style is sent randomly.

Gift development ☟

The official WeChat official account of

We are looking forward to hearing from you Chinese developers! Let developers all over the country hear your voice, hear the voice of your hometown!

Android developers are all over the world. Let’s witness the official release of the official WeChat official account of “Android developers”.