The number of tidb contributors has exceeded 400. We are with you about the ideal of open source!


Since the first line of code was written in May 2015, tidb, as a new open source distributed database project, has gone through 0-1Day of transformationAfter passing through the tikv project in the storage layer, it was upgraded to CNCF computing projectsGlorious momentThe surrounding tools have been gradually improved,Wings grow rich; graduallyMature and steady, continuously polish and upgrade in the production environment of nearly 1000 users.

All these honors and achievements belong to the community——

Tidb repo contributor breaks through 400,
Thanks for your contributions!

The number of tidb contributors has exceeded 400. We are with you about the ideal of open source!

In the past year, the architecture and governance rules of tidb open source community are also in constant standardization and upgrading iterations:

  • Community autonomous organizations and roles:

    • So far, the community has launched 20 working groups (WG) and set up 5 special interest groups (SIG), all of which have rich stage outputs;
    • In addition to the existing maintainer, committer and contributor roles, reviewer and active contributor roles have been added to make everyone have the fun of “step by step upgrading and fighting against monsters”.
  • More and more community activities:

    • In addition to the traditional infra meetup, tidb techday and tidb DevCon offline communication activities, tidb Hackathon with geek spirit has been successfully held for two times, and many fantastic projects have been born;
    • The first season of tidb performance challenge is over, and the second season of usability challenge is in progress. In the next three months, competitors will challenge “make tidb better used”;
    • Book rush will be held this weekend, and community partners will challenge to write a 50000-60000 word tidb technical book in 48 hours.
  • The territory of community learning continues to expand:

    • The talent plan learning plan for the open source community is preparing for the 2.0 upgrade, integrating more high-quality learning resources, enabling more community partners to learn and make good use of them, and playing more freely in the open source world and distributed database field;
    • Pingcap University also has a learning database for DBA students, including online video courses and offline training, with dry content and rich forms.
  • Tidb map is improving:

    • In order to let every tidb developer clearly understand the “play method” of tidb community and find the direction that he is good at, we collated the contribution map to show what you can do in each repo & reference materials, and the map layout is still expanding;
    • For tidb user group, we have sorted out the troubleshooting map and performance tuning map of tidb cluster, and welcome your suggestions.

As more and more people understand and use tidb, we are increasingly aware of the need to make a database product that truly solves users’ pain points and belongs to the future, “the road is blocked and long”, but the original intention is the same:

Do cool and right things with a group of like-minded friends, even if it’s difficult or even considered impossible. But isn’t it our original intention to step into the open source world to make the world a better place?

In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved.(Linus Torvalds)

Looking forward to working with more tidb community partners in the future!

Thanks again to the following 400 tidb repo contributors and all community partners for their contributions:

The number of tidb contributors has exceeded 400. We are with you about the ideal of open source!

See you at the next milestone!

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